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Adriana Poterash

People, nature, daily common objects are fused into a surreal world of uncommon alliances using interdisciplinary techniques – abstractions, figurative approaches, digital, and sometimes 3-D materials. They are carefully chosen to deliver a visual impulse of thought and emotion. My early academic training in painting...

Agnes Voltz

Artist Statement / Bio / Company Description ▪️ The Lake Effect Project Email Instagram agnes_voltz_

Ailisa Qualkinbush

I work with both oil and acrylic paints. I love to experiment with texture and composition. I began my art career working in fiber arts and could never put down my paintbrush. My woven work is both my love of painting and fiber art. I...

Alice George

Artist/Teacher/Consultant 847-687-0099 (cell)

Amy Newhouse

I came to pottery as a way to indulge my creative spirit when I moved to Chicago a few years ago. From the start, I felt a strong and satisfying connection with the clay and the wheel. I left each studio session (even the unsuccessful...

Amy O. Woodbury

Working in acrylic or mixed media, I paint and draw a variety of things: fantasy figures, abstract expanses of water or land, imagined portraits. What motivates me? Movement, intuition, color, shape, randomness and restlessness. My work has been exhibited at numerous venues throughout the Midwest...

Andrea DeBerry

En Ink was formed in 2019.  We are ideal yet luxury collectibles including jewelry, canvas arts, handbags, specialize in woman art, black woman art, 1920s art, collage art, children’s art, street art and mixed media art. If you would like a specific print customized; contact...
Andryea Natkin

Andryea Natkin

My work illustrates the intersection between consciousness and unconsciousness. I deliberately tune into my inner voice allowing it to guide and direct me. I don’t study or plan. Instead, I quiet my mind and hands. I wait for inspiration. Invariably, one thing leads to another...

Angela Williams

My work explores the beauty and relationships to African art, culture, fragments, symbols, and markings. I always knew I wanted to be an artist. My creative journey began very early. My mother was a highly creative person and supported my interest in the arts. Dance...

Ann Kogen

Photographer Ann Kogen is a native of Evanston, Illinois. Her work is mostly documentary in style and she prefers to work in series. She has a diverse portfolio using various kinds of cameras: large format Rolleiflex camera, 35mm, Holga toy camera, digital. Her series include...
Ingrid Frame
Annette O’Donnell

Annette O’Donnell

Annette M. O’Donnell is an artist and art educator. She is a mixed media artist who is interested in expressing intuited forms through her abstract expressionist paintings. She also is pursuing the idea of preserving historical images though her oil pastel transfer pieces. She is...

Aydin Dincer

Aydin Dincer, owner of Prairie Joe’s restaurant in Evanston, uses his space both for cooking, feeding his clientele in addition to displaying his art, also for consumption, visually. Both his restaurant and his gallery open at 6:30 am. He uses olive oil to cook and uses...
Regions - Baz Cumberbatch
Baz Cumberbatch

Baz Cumberbatch

Baz is a self-taught eco and botanical artist creating unique pieces inspired by nature. Originally from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, his grandfather who made sailboats, and his father, a skilled carpenter and guitar maker, influenced his path to creating beautiful things. In 1989, Baz...

Bela Ponyi

I create hand-made products and crystal necklaces with crystals from the Arkansas mines. Email: Click here for Etsy Shop Instagram:
Where Can We Go From Here - Beth Adler
Beth Adler

Beth Adler

Taking inspiration from the natural world and my travels, I incorporate visual material from what I observe and what I can gather. Using contemporary monoprinting techniques along with painting and drawing, I continue to explore new ways to express the mystery and beauty that I...

Bonnie Glassner

My favorite art mediums are Alcohol Inks and Acrylics. My paintings are a blend of representational paintings and Abstract Expressionism. My technique is one of a fluid intuitive style. My Abstract Expressionistic style is all about colors, marks and layers. Lately I have been combining...

Bonnie Katz

Bonnie Katz is an artist and teacher within the Chicago arts community. Her current collection of work is a personal rediscovery into drawing and painting. The work explores the forms and spaces that make up her life at home. Modern furniture, books and art objects...

Bonnie Retzik

I am happy to participate in this community. I have lived in multiple states and countries to finally find an art community is exciting to me. I am self taught knitter and wet Felter. I have taken workshops in many far away places.. I collect...

Brian Petrone

I employ the processes that go into making a building – forming mass, sculpting space, manipulating light – to create art. The pieces shown here deal with the intersection of architecture, painting, and sculpture. The areas of overlap between these disciplines become ripe for exploration....

Bryana Bibbs

Bryana Bibbs is a Chicago-based textile artist, painter, and art educator who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Fiber and Material Studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work comes from her personal life, struggles with daily...
Carol Hammerman Trophy#12front
Carol Hammerman

Carol Hammerman

The inspiration for my sculpture & jewelry design has always been personal, manifested in a journey of learning, engagement, challenges, frustration et al. Presently my sculpture showcases the female figure.   Her gesture is mine – yet ambiguous in nature -presented in the form of a trophy,...

Carolyn Hinske

fi ber (n) 1: a threadlike substance or structure: a natural (as wool or flax) or artificial (as rayon) filament capable of being spun or woven 2: an element that gives texture or substance 3: basic toughness, strength I am a fiber artist working primarily...

Cat Barr

Each one of my pieces is a piece of me! I create to get outside of myself. Art is a time when I can turn off my thoughts and just express my feelings without having to explain, judge, or reason what I am creating. It...

Catie Bryant

Hey there! I am an ETHS grad who is currently attending the University of Denver in order to pursue my Bachelor’s in graphic design. Since my sophomore year of high school, design has been a huge passion of mine, which manifested into designing posters for...

Cécile Trentini

Curriculum Born 1962 in The Hague Grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland (La Neuveville / BE) Lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and Evanston IL (USA) Diploma as a translator from Dolmetscherschule Zürich 1988/89: Vorkurs (preliminary studies) at Schule für Gestaltung Zürich (Art School)...
Chris Heisinger

Chris Heisinger

I have traveled to various wild forests and woods and I am amazed by the beauty and high energy of all of those magnificent places. It is these places in which I stop and become one with the environment. The colors, sounds and smells are...

Cindy Dauer

Email: Website:

Cynthia Kerby

Cynthia Kerby is a visual artist, former design professor, jewelry designer, curator, and co-founder of True Ideas, a design studio in Evanston. She shows familiar objects in unfamiliar ways and makes observations of life’s frailties or uncertainties through a lens of personal awareness and curiosity....
Daniel Aquino
Daniel Aquino

Daniel Aquino

I love to draw and sketch. My artwork is a reflection of my love and intrigue for the ancient cultural arts of the Philippines. My artwork usually depicts Filipino cultural folk dances, vintage countryside scenes, and baybayin (one of the ancient writing systems of the...

Darren Oberto

I make art in order to process the outside world, to make sense of our surroundings, to make comparisons, and to circumscribe aspects of society. These observations give meaning and bring enjoyment to life. My work practice is multidisciplinary, although painting is the nucleus from...

David Hence

Since the age of six, I not only studied, but also practiced art. Making art is a noble endeavor, but it’s also misunderstood. To make art is to comment on what is possible and not yet seen. As a creative, I don’t endeavor to be...

David Niari

David Niari makes drawings, paintings and mixed media artworks. By referencing romanticism, grand-guignolesque black humour and symbolism, his drawings references post-colonial theory as well as the avant-garde or the post-modern and the left-wing democratic movement as a form of resistance against the logic of the...

David Roberts

Born and raised in Evanston Dawes, Chute, ETHS 72 University of Illinois Bachelor Architecture 1978 Email: Website: Instagram: @d.roberts.sketchbook
Buchanan-Ross, Elise, Erin, Juneau, 2018
David Sutton

David Sutton

As a very young animal lover, David Sutton wanted to be a veterinarian. By age nine, he had set his sights on becoming a photographer instead. Little did he know then, that his ultimate calling would be a mash-up of these two great, early loves....
Debbie Bretag-Feature
Debbie Bretag

Debbie Bretag

I am an enthusiastic Fine Art and Landscape Photographer. I began my passion for photography at an early age when I would watch my mom take family photos with her Kodak Viewfinder Camera. I never could understand how a photograph could come out of that...
Deborah Puntenney

Deborah Puntenney

I am a maker of objects of all kinds, and have worked in a variety of media, including beads, fiber, ceramics, wood, ink, watercolor, and metal. My degree in Textile Arts is complemented by a certificate in Construction Technology, which has allowed me to expand...
Denise Grossman

Denise Grossman

I am currently, semi- retired from careers as a licensed Occupational Therapist, Ordained Minister with the United Church of Christ and yoga instructor/therapist. During my call to Ministry, I also, felt called to pursue a life-long interest of mine, which is art. With that said,...
Denise Handwerker-Feature
Denise Handwerker

Denise Handwerker

Feltwerker Upcycled Accessories creates one of a kind accessories for you and your home. Our passion is making something new, unexpected and useful from repurposed clothing. We strive to waste nothing and to make heirloom quality goods that will last a very long time. We...

Destinee Adams

Art has always been apart of my life, and now I want to share my art with the world. I make jewelry, crafts out of resin (the possibilities are endless) and I do photography. I do dabble in painting as well. email: phone number: 224.241.5024...

Destiny Wesley

Exposing injustice with love through fashion, The Ready Generation creates a message that challenges future leaders to move in integrity, boldness and justice. TRG was inspired by a generation who cried out for guidance when responding to the countless generational acts of hate crime on...
Diane C. Graydon-Feature
Diane C. Graydon

Diane C. Graydon

I’ve always considered my abstract work less important than my representable art, but that’s changing. These days I work with watercolor media and ink. Email:  

Don Seeley

A resident of Evanston for more than 20 years, I currently specialize in Event and Fine Art photography, figure drawing and gouache and oil painting. Email: Website:

Donna Bartman Masini

Creating with fabric has been my passion since I was a child. I discovered nuno felting about 15 years ago. Nuno felt makes it possible to embed other textiles into wool felt and thus obtain a completely new material. I am drawn to the textures...
Vine Covered Bus Donna Spencer Evanston Made
Donna Wesley Spencer

Donna Wesley Spencer

Donna Wesley Spencer is a founding member of Perspective Gallery in Evanston. For the past few years, she has been working on “A Southern Diary”, making photographs that speak to the particular nature of the region and its people. Images in the project have been...
Doug Haight

Doug Haight

For more than 20 years Doug Haight has traveled the USA and much of the world as a photographer and video producer. His photography has been featured in numerous festivals, shows and publications, including the New York Times, but not yet in National Geographic. Doug’s...
Louvre 1
Drew Endicott

Drew Endicott

Photographer Email: Website: Instagram:
Eileen Cipriano
Eileen Cipriano

Eileen Cipriano

CIPRIANO STUDIO 5 , Evanston IL Lapidary Jewelry designs / inspired from Evanston lakefront area I have a Gemology background and also love to paint as well. I moved to Evanston to be a part of an artistic community and enjoy the beautiful lakefront beaches....

Elaine O’Keefe Sage

My name is Elaine O’Keefe Sage. Art and teaching are my passions, throw in historical fiction and mystery/thriller novels and I’m happy! I love working with color, black and white inks, collage, and whatever tool I happen to pick up to create art. I have...

Elazar Weiner

As an artist I enjoy observing life and incorporating its expression in my paintings. Lately, I’ve gravitated towards painting gardens and forest preserves. Each plant and animal have their own personality. Sometimes I feel as if those expressions of life include me in an ongoing...
Elena Kaiser Evanston Made 3
Elena Kaiser

Elena Kaiser

I am a painter and for the past 10 years love painting with encaustics. Im always integrating nature and the natural unfolding of my narrative through colors texture and symbols. Website: Email:

Elijah Brown

My name is Elijah Brown and I make bracelets. I have been making them for family and friends for a while now. I make them to represent current events, hobbies or really whatever you like. Email:

Ellen Greene

Ellen Greene was born in 1975 and raised in the small college town of Lawrence, Kansas. The local art scene as well as her creative parents supported her artistic pursuits from an early age. She graduated from the Kansas City Art institute with a degree...

Ellen Schwarzbach

Most of my jewelry designs incorporate recycled glass beads, many of which are from Ghana. The recycled glass reminds me of the sea glass I collected as a kid. I love playing with different combinations of colors, textures and shapes. While I am focusing on...

Ellie Hazlett

Ellie Hazlett is a multimedia artist based in Chicago. She experiments with textures and materials to transform environments and perspectives.  Most of her fine art examines and reflects sociopolitical issues regarding gender, privilege, and positionality. Ellie’s work has been shown in galleries and shows throughout...
Gillian Muller-Greyz

Gillian Muller-Greyz

I have always loved storytelling.  My early work as an artist was almost always narrative.  I love creating characters through costume and writing fun back-stories to go along with them. Ever since leaving college and going off to do my own work, I have been...

Ginny Roeder

Virginia O. Roeder MFA My paintings are about color and geometry. As a child I was intrigued by the subtle colors of the feathers of birds and the leaves of the trees.  Later, when I was in graduate school, I recognized that I was thinking...

Gwyn Jennings

I am a maker, crafter, artist, upcycler using fabric, yarn, paint, beads, wood, ceramics, paper and found objects to create a variety of unique one-of-a-kind treasures that include boxes, toys, jewelry, hats and bags. I think all things have the potential for an alternate form....
Hannah Levine-Drizin

Hannah Levine-Drizin

My name is Hannah Levine-Drizin and I’m an artist and illustrator. I’m a recent graduate of University of Michigan’s Stamps School of Art and Design and will continue my education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to receive a MAT (masters in...
Heather Eidson
Heather Eidson

Heather Eidson

A photojournalist by training and at heart, I seek to capture fleeting moments as they unfold, including nature, candid portraits and the human experience. Website Instagram heathereidsonmedia Email
Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock

STATEMENT I use the ancient medium of glass as a conceptual tool to explore contemporary ideas about mind, place and information. I came to my art practice via a career in healthcare. Working for more than a decade in Chicago area hospitals gave me a...

Jack Lewitz

I am (semi)retired and currently paint as a hobby. I like acrylic, and water-based oils. I also like to draw and do like pastels. Email:

Jadon Brammer

Finding beauty in the little things. Website: Email: Instagram: @jdbramm

Jaimie Brunet

I’ve always had the desire to recreate with paint what I see in the world.  I am an oil painter, mixed media artist with a particular passion for encaustic paint.*  Most of my work is inspired by nature; landscapes, rivers and lakes, and the animals who live...

James Deeb

Expressive faces populate my work, but they are not representations of particular people. I spend a lot of time riding public transportation in and around Chicago and looking at my fellow passengers. If I see a unique feature, like a nose or mouth, I try...
Jamie Thom, Trouble
Jamie Thome

Jamie Thome

  Email: Shop Evanston Made: Jamie Lou Thome  
Janet Latshaw Simons

Janet Latshaw Simons

Janet’s passion for art first welled up within her during the 2 1/2 years she spent traveling through Europe, Cypress, and Israel when taking a leave of absence after her first year of college. Upon her return to the USA at 20 years old she...

Janice Fleckman

I am a Clinical Social Worker and have a certificate in Applied Arts and Psychology. I have been painting and making art for over 30 years. I received a 2004 Individual Cultural Fund Grant from the City of Evanston and the Illinois Arts Council for...

Janice Kazmier

“Be here now In this moment In this space and time.” —Ram Dass Be appreciative of all that is before you, behind you, above you, below you Be still and listen to nature, humanity, and yourself Be lost in the world and you will be...

Janis Post

I work intuitively, expressively, and abstractly, rarely starting with an end product in mind. Abstractions of water, earth, rock, sand and sky are recurring elements in my work. I love the process of putting down paint, literally watching it dry, and then letting the painting...

Jeanne LaCasse

Places I’ve been – Places I’ve never been Spanning several mediums, my work encapsulates places I’ve been, places I’ve never been, places that I long to go to. Because I rarely paint from reference material, I often step back & wonder….”where did you come from?...

Jeff Garrett

Born Evanstonian, Jeff creates both realistic and abstract photographs of Lake Michigan in all seasons, focusing on sun, moon, clouds, shadows, water, and ice. Email: Website:—notecards Instagram:
Jenni Grover-Feature
Jenni Grover

Jenni Grover

My quilts are post-modern, maximalist, and intuitive. I’m obsessed with color and texture. Email: Website: Instagram:

Jerry Woods

My paintings tell stories,/ Forms colored and grey, /Traces of my feelings / From a fading world, /Images voicing the Silence. Only look awhile and see/ As every breath brings/ To being the mystery/ Imagined anew. Such is the light/ My art dares to bring...
Jessica Kaplan (1 of 9) COVER IMAGE
Jessica Kaplan

Jessica Kaplan

Vision. Anticipation. Patience. My curiosity enables me to capture authentic moments in time, in which the pieces of the puzzle converge, fleeting elements coalesce and a photograph is made. I find inspiration on the street, in a new city, in the water, in patterns in...
Jessica Sawyers Cohen-Feature
Jessica Sawyers Cohen

Jessica Sawyers Cohen

In a world where things can feel so difficult, I want my art to bring happiness and joy to others. Let it be an escape from the challenges of the real world, as your dive into one of colors and imagination. Email: Website:

Jill Birschbach

Statement: Ideas of home and the house form are loaded with meaning. I began using this universal symbol to explore conflicted feelings about my working class upbringing. The house forms are imperfect and sometimes crude- using industrial textures and dripping glazes to amplify these ideas....

Jim Parks

There is a force — a creative urge — that overtakes some artists when they work. I am one of those artists. When I sit down to work, I feel a sense of extreme focus coming on. “Trance” might be a more descriptive word. I’ve...
Jim Signorelli 4
Jim Signorelli Photography

Jim Signorelli Photography

Artist Statement: Retired advertising executive, now enjoying the fruits of my labor and a full time interest in photography Email: Website: Instagram: @jim_signorelli Shop Evanston Made: Jim Signorelli  
Joan Muller

Joan Muller

My style of quilted illustrations arose from my interest in historic pictorial quilts. I had attempted, over the years, to recreate various styles of antique quilting from redwork embroidery to appliqué. But my true inspiration came when I stumbled on a photograph of a Storybook...

Joanna Pinsky

Joanna Pinsky is a painter residing in Evanston, Illinois. Working with acrylics, she has creates two-dimensional shaped paintings on canvas and gator board as well as rectangular works on paper. She enjoys creating shaped pieces because they have a dynamic presence that gives a greater sense of...
Joerg Metzner

Joerg Metzner

Born and raised in the Harz Mountains of Germany, Joerg was trained and worked as dental technician before moving to Ireland where he herded goats and photographed and painted. After traveling across Europe he ended up in Los Angeles where he attended Santa Monica College...
Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott is an award winning Chicago based artist and photographer. Represented by art galleries nationwide, he also teaches photography at several prestigious art centers in the Chicago area. His mixed-media artwork pays homage to his beliefs in the interconnectedness of the universe and is...
Jordan Scott Photography

Jordan Scott Photography

Jordan Scott is an award winning Chicago based artist and photographer. As well as teaching photography for prestigious art centers and organizations in the Chicago area, he also offers private and small group instruction on camera usage and fundamentals, including his popular, “Getting Off Auto”...

Joseph Frey

I have been painting in watercolor for four years. I have participated in several plein air events, including the Dockside Quick Paint and the Evanston Plein Air Festival. Currently I work full time as an environmental consultant but always find time to paint. My family...

Joseph Kayne

Wet Plate Collodion Tintype and Fine Large Format Landscape Photography Joe is one of a rare number of artists using the Wet Plate Collodion Tintype Process. The Wet Plate Collodion process is one of the earliest forms of photography, starting in the 1850’s. The process...
Craftsman 2 (2)
Judith Lewin

Judith Lewin

Website: Phone: 847-525-4227

Juliane von Kunhardt

My body of work wanders between the personal and the global context, and it feeds from what I see in both through media (mainly books) and what surrounds me.  I address a variety of subjects which range from classical children’s portraits and conceptual work with...

Julianne Litzkow

Hand painted one of a kind or specialty series silks to move on the body are what I create. The intention of the utility of art and beauty or thought inspiring ideas in daily life is my goal. A scarf for instance , can fit...

Julie Cowan

I have two main interests: portraiture and architecture. I investigate the idea of place and how spaces make us feel either embraced or alienated. Using architectural themes, I select photographic imagery and then digitally alter the photos to create greater contrasts and stronger line. Often...

Julie Rivera

I love design; graphic or surface! I incorporate the problem solving techniques as a graphic designer to my fiber work. More and more I am driven to get off the computer and work with my hands, dyeing and hand stitching my fabric. My work draws...

Kangkana Deka

Though I love knitting and crocheting which I have learned from my maa when I was very young, I never paid much attention to it. However, I decided to pick up a hook and get started with my first piece again. Now that I have...

Karen Kalmek

I meditate and then sit down with my materials to channel subconscious material for my work. I collect or photograph images and incorporate them into my fabric or paper collages. I am interested in unexpected juxtaposed colors or images that create tension. I find that...

Katherine Orr

I believe that art can create special moments in everyday life. Why save art for a special occasion? Art isn’t just for Sunday afternoon trips to museums or formal events. Art has the power to transform and nurture our spirits during difficult times, as well...
Kate Roth

Kate Roth

Kate Roth is an Evanston based photographer. Her passion for photography has led her to study nineteenth century photo techniques and full-frame composition She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in London for two years and graduated from Columbia College with a BFA. Kate...

Katharine Frey

I am a Chicago-based watercolorist and photographer who only recently started painting watercolor seriously, but I have always been involved in the creative arts. I love to be artistic and have experience working in glass, acrylic, and other media. I have participated in the Dockside...

Kathy Halper

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”  – William Shakespeare Folk art with its voice rooted in simplicity and honesty feels like the little candle I need in my life right now. My new series of...

Ken Avick

BFA, Painting, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1969. MFA, Painting, 1970, University of Chicago . Taught at the Hyde Park Art Center. Member of artist collective gallery, Space 900 Gallery, Evanston, Il. Numerous shows in the Chicago area, including : The Hyde Park Art Center, Bridgeport Art Center,...
Kerstin Alischoewski

Kerstin Alischoewski

My paintings are a synthesis of traditional Renaissance painting techniques combined with contemporary ideas about picture making. My work expresses my lifelong fascination with paintings of the Flemish and Italian schools. I grew up in West Berlin, Germany, and was exposed to the old masters...

Keven Wilder

I am a painter living in Chicago, IL and Door County, WI. I am interested in the graphic interplay of organic positive and negative spaces, lights and darks, transparency and opacity found in nature. My work is primarily abstract evolving from representative images found in...

Kim Romain

Everyone is on a journey. Sometimes along our paths we get to experience the light. Sometimes, the dark. Although we may desire to always experience the lightness (because it feels really good), we need both. Without both, we are unbalanced. Without both, we are not...

Kristen Neveu

I paint to carve out a niche in my day with quiet space. I also take solace in spending time in nature. I have a background in music, and I’m a self-taught artist. My approach is intuitive. I jump right in, mixing and creating textures...
Lauren Marquez-Viso

Lauren Marquez-Viso

Explorer. Environmentalist. Photographer. Travel, immersing myself in different cultures, and communing with nature are my inspiration. I feel most alive when I am mindfully exploring this amazing and beautiful world. I seek to capture the essence of a place through its culture, historical places, and...
Laurie Kwo

Laurie Kwo

In my own words… My paintings are an extension of who I am, the places I’ve been and the things I love. I’m inspired by the beauty around me and strive to capture a moment in time as a way to share my world with...

Lea Basile Lazarus

Statement: I have spent the last few years creating a body of work that reflects the awareness and power of strength within our community.  People have gathered together to express concern for issues that conflict with our communities’ beliefs and rights. As reflections of these...

Leah Soloff

Hi! I have been involved in various arts communities since the 1970s. As a photographer, I have spent time as an art fair exhibitor and have been honored with several one woman shows at places such as University of North Carolina and University of Illinois....

Len Koroski

Excited to show a sampling of designs including furniture and serving trays inspired by Mid Century Modern Designers and Architects from Denmark to North America. Opening the notebook with sketches going back over the last ten years or so, it was time to explore, build...
L Station (Three Ages) (2002) (OB)
Leopold Segedin

Leopold Segedin

BIOGRAPHY   Leopold Segedin was born in Chicago in 1927.  He received his BFA (1948) and MFA (1950) from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He has taught at the University of Illinois (assistantship, 1948-50), U.S. Army Engineers (drafting, 1952-54), and at Northeastern Illinois University...
Linda Goad

Linda Goad

Linda Goad is a lifelong resident of Evanston. She taught preschool locally for 25 years. One of her main intentions while spending time with the children was to encourage a love of nature. This was done through books, walks in nature and even her own...
Close Up Summerfield Scroll
Linda Summerfield

Linda Summerfield

I find beauty and usefulness in discarded items and ephemera. I layer and reconstruct these found items to take a critical view of social, political and cultural issue. My greatest influences come from the collages of Ray Johnson, the assemblages of Joseph Cornell, and the...

Lisa Haskin

Lisa Plefka Haskin knew at a very young age that she loved everything about art. Her parents were instrumental in nurturing that passion and God-given talent. And over the years she has had the opportunity to explore many different avenues of visual art. She graduated...

Liz Brent

My art is usually more about technique than concept. I like to experiment with high contrast work, and push it as much as I possibly can. I create representational work focusing on textures, creases, highlights, and shadows. I’m always challenging myself to go one step...
IMG_7660 copy
Liz Cramer

Liz Cramer

I’ve always been drawn to artistic endeavors, taking painting classes instead of calculus, squeezing in drawing classes, jewelry and mosaic workshops after work, spreading beads, yarn, paints and pastels all over the house with a project always in some state of its process. Many years...

Lynn Floriano

My work is reminiscent of the elegant forms of nature that to me, have spiritual and abstract qualities that forever fascinate me. My love of color is easily satisfied in the medium of enamels, metals and mixed media. The techniques I am working in are...

Lynne Miller Jones

In my paintings, I explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction in images of the natural world. From afar, my work appears realistic, sometimes photographic, but close up, there is an awareness of paint, gesture and process. I build up a complex layered surface in...
Maike’s Marvels

Maike’s Marvels

Maike van Wijk creates one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and home adornments as Maike’s Marvels. Her Wax and Wire Jewelry has been featured in various art fairs around Chicagoland, and her angels tend to photobomb Evanston Made and Main-Dempster Mile events. Steel wire is hand-bent into organic...

Mardy Sears

The main thrust of my work focuses on a combination of current events, including contemporary moral views, with more personal and intimate imagery. I particularly like combining modern concepts with nostalgic forms. This is a constant thread running through a variety of ideas and images...

Margarete de Soleil

BIO: Margarete de Soleil is an artist and illustrator who has exhibited nationwide, including at The Smithsonian Institution of Natural History and the Missoula Art Museum in Montana. A graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art, de Soleil has also studied at The Maine College of Art and The New York Studio...
Marilyn Greenfield
Marilyn Greenfield

Marilyn Greenfield

Passionate about the beauty of the world around me, I have been expressing myself in clay for 35 years. The goal of my work is to create utilitarian and decorative pots that will enhance your home and enrich your experiences in eating, drinking, and entertaining....

Marjorie Davidson

Marjorie Davidson is a classically trained pianist and accomplished teacher and performer. She has studied at both Carnegie Mellon and DePaul Universities and is a graduate of the Northwestern School of Music. A mostly self taught painter of still life and landscapes, her work is...

Mark Hudson


Mark Hurwich

Mark Hurwich is anything but a “serious” photographer and potter. Rather, his work reflects a life-long interest in illuminating the whimsical, playful and quirky wonderfulness ever-present within and around us. That works aims to open our ability to see and engage hidden delights, including those...

Marti De Boer

A passion for creating contemporary jewelry allows me to express my personal artistic vision. About 10 years ago I began making jewelry constructed from materials I love such as ethnic beads, semi-precious stones, wood, and leather. I have added variety and sophistication with new skills...
Mary Jon Girard-Feature
Mary Jon Girard

Mary Jon Girard

I enjoy applying a creative attitude to all parts of my busy life. Having an artistic bent allows me to see multiple possibilities and solutions. When I set aside time to focus on artwork, the first thing I pick up is a pencil. I find...

Matthew LaFleur

I was born with a crayon in my hand and a goofiness in my soul. As a boy, I was inclined to draw battle zones between the minions of Pac-Man and the spiritual armies of Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. That evolved into sketching intricate underground mazes with...

Maya Kalabic

Maja Kalabic was born in Yugoslavia. Maja’s family immigrated to the United States in 1996. After landing in Chicago, Maja immersed herself and took full advantage of the possibilities she found— she attended The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and graduated in 2001 with...

Melanie Deal

Remember when you were a child, creating artworks by cutting and pasting? Well, that’s what I do as an adult, and it’s just as fun and satisfying as it was when I was in kindergarten. I’m fascinated by grids, tessellations, and repeated shapes. I reinforce...
Melissa Raman Molitor

Melissa Raman Molitor

Melissa Raman Molitor, ATR-BC, LCPC Melissa is an artist, educator and art therapist living and working in the Chicago-Evanston area. She is an associate professor, adj. at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in the Graduate Art Therapy Department, and the founder...

Mia McCullough

Mia is an award winning playwright and filmmaker who took a deep dive back into visual art during the pandemic. While she finds painting with acrylics soothing, her real joy comes from mixed media pieces that investigate the macabre. Dark humor and social commentary is...
Michael Ennis-Feature
Michael Ennis

Michael Ennis

Mike Ennis lives in Evanston, works in Rogers Park and enjoys taking in his surroundings, captured in his photographs of everyday people, places and things. Mike and his family have lived in Evanston since 1999, and now it’s time to branch out to make more...
Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler

Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler

Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler works as a metalsmith with the specialty in enameling. Glass enamel is fired and fused to copper and silver. Creating contemporary jewelry and objects using a combination of metalsmithing and enameling techniques. 35 years of designing and producing in her own studio in...
Neal Stamell

Neal Stamell

Bits of clay, some spinning, hands, tooling, glaze– yielding ceramic ware to enhance the home. Email: Shop Evanston Made: Neal Stamell
Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner

British born with a passion for travel and photography. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work in many different countries and moved to Evanston a few years ago. My images are reflection of the environments I find myself in through my eyes. “Life moves...
Nikki Householder
Nikki Householder

Nikki Householder

Nikki is the creator behind NikHouseArt. Nikki has a Masters in Education from Michigan State University. She taught Elementary school for many years before her family relocated to Sydney, Australia where she started taking Art classes. After living in Sydney for three years her family...

Nina Weiss

About the Artist Nina Weiss has been painting and drawing the landscape for over thirty years.  Her work is represented in private and corporate collections including United Airlines, Aetna Insurance, McDonalds, Eli Lilly, and Avon.  She has a lengthy resume of solo and group exhibitions...
Olga Masevich-Feature
Olga Masevich

Olga Masevich

My aesthetic is minimalist and playful, with limited color palettes. I gravitate toward exaggerated shapes and proportions. Most of my artwork is female inspired and centric. I work digitally (in Procreate) and enjoy the newfound liberty of the medium. Email: Website: Instagram:

Paige Love Garland

Paige Love Garland is a multidisciplinary Artist and Designer. She studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and has gone on to pursue a professional career as an Interior Designer. A mostly self-taught painter of portraits and still life’s, her work is an...
turquoise bracelet
Patricia Bridges

Patricia Bridges

I create my ear lobe accessories from a variety of beads, wood, leather, fabric, metal, wire, semi-precious stones, and everyday items that can be recycled and/or refurbished.  Being unique, eye-catching and affordable, I have an assortment of styles for everyone, any mood or occasion.  They...
Patrick Duncan

Patrick Duncan

Patrick Duncan has a studio in Evanston. Located at 1731 Dodge. Patrick is an artist. Come over and visit to see cool stuff! Probably should make an appointment! Call! 3144719106 Email: IG: @Patrick.duncan.18

Patt Murray

A sculptor and dancer by nature, my life’s path took me to a career as a hair designer and salon/art gallery owner. I turned to less physically demanding and introspection of drawing, painting and collage to integrate and balance my days of service, sculpting, design...

Paul Wear

Paul Wear works primarily in acrylic paint on stretched canvas. In his work, he straddles the line between representation and complete abstraction. The blank canvas is covered with random and chaotic splashes and strokes of paint. Gradually, the image is drawn out of the chaotic...

Peter Kelsey

Peter Kelsey received his early training at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. He went on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Palette and Chisel, and the School of Representational Art in Chicago. Peter became a graduate and teaching fellow at Studio...

Peyton Evans

My name is Peyton Evans and I’m a young, emerging visual artist in Chicago, IL. I’m a self taught painter, as well as a photographer and video artist. I typically work with acrylics for my paintings. I create artworks in various themes of representation of...

Rachel Hueffner

I have been sewing since I was a young kid and have found few other hobbies that I enjoy as much. In fact the only thing I enjoy more than sewing myself is seeing others learn to sew which is why I started Butterscotch Sewing....

Rachel Mars

I first fell in love with art in my 9th grade art class. As a closeted queer kid, art was a safe space and helped me get to know myself. I work in mostly acrylic and mixed media. I am still finding my style, but...
Ren Picco-Freeman

Ren Picco-Freeman

Ren Freeman is a photographer who works with Chicago movement artists and dance companies. She was the in-house photographer for cocodaco dance project and Foster Dance Studios in Evanston. Recent collaborations include Echo Modern Dance, Evanston Dance Ensemble, Moonwater Dance Project, Purus Motus, Winifred Haun...

Richard Grahn

Richard creates art, composes music, and writes poetry full-time from his apartment near downtown Evanston. His career as an artist spans nearly four decades and began in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California and then the San Francisco Bay Area. His...
Rita Shimelfarb

Rita Shimelfarb

The glass’ raw brilliance and color are primary inspirations in my work. The deeper I explore the technical side of working with glass, the more it leaves me in awe at the range of possibilities for something new and beautiful to emerge. Building upon millennia-long...

Rob Lancaster

Rob Lancaster is a photographer living in Evanston, Illinois. “While I shoot many styles of photography, I find that my eye is more often drawn to a scene or object that can become something else entirely when altering its original context. I particularly enjoy doing this by...

Rob Larson

“I use a loaded brush, geometry and color to explore our world. I work until each painting becomes an authentic expression of beauty.” The vibrant and bold paintings of Rob Larson will spark joy and beauty in the places where you live and work. Larson’s...
Robert Magrisso

Robert Magrisso

Carvings, Constructions & Collages ARTIST STATEMENT The art that I do can be classified as constructions, woodcarvings and collages.  They have been motivated by the desire to express an ever-changing inner vision, a vision that is both psychological and spiritual, personal and universal.  The collages...

Robin Carlson

My project, ‘Small delta’ is about the ephemeral transitions we experience on our spinning planet–changes we can’t rewind to review. I take photos to document the almost imperceptible changes of light that occur as day becomes night and vice versa. It is my connection to...

Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan is a fiber artist best known for her weavings using mostly natural fibers, with a focus on tapestries and fiber sculpture. Website: Instagram: @henandjay Email: Shop Evanston Made: Robin Ryan

Ron Cramer

I’m a guy with a passion for creating handmade, one of a kind artistic pieces. I love the challenge of creative problem solving. My artistic talent enables me to come up with unique design solutions. Then my craftsmanship expertise takes over to make these ideas...

Ross Martens

Juxtaposing miniatures, photography, found objects and toys, I explore humor & pathos with ambiguities of scale & proportions. I’m interested in unfathomably large and minutely small objects and how relative size can create a powerful confrontation. Titles of images: “Wanderer at the Crystal Cave” “The...

Sahaara Clark

My work aspires to communicate the possibility found in unexpected places. Myth and nature are woven into my designs, nurtured by my love of mythology and storytelling. While I am compelled by the realm of the fantastic, I am interested in the space where the...

Samuel Onche

Sam Onche is an illustrator/painter based in the United States. He was born in Nigeria, Benue and moved to the US in 2015. He studied studio art at Colby College with a focus in oil painting. Sam uses the digital and oil medium to create...

Sanjukta Acharya

Painting is my passion. I’m a self-taught contemporary realist painter working full time from my home studio. After a career as an Advertising professional in India, I relocated to the United States. I work primarily with oil and watercolor, but love to try out other...
The Golden Hour.Main
Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

My most recent body of work is composed of urban cityscapes. I’m attracted to colorful, semi-abstract glimpses of people moving through space. In the cityscapes I paint, I capture fleeting moments of light and color as they scatter across the picture plane. Shadow shapes merge...

Sarita Kamat

Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Belgaum in India, I moved to Chicago 18 years ago and now live in Skokie, IL with my husband Salil, my kids Varun and Riya and my kitty babies – Cloud and Lightning. I am a...

Sharon Davis

Urban Thread Quilts is the home for Sharon Davis a Quilter, Fiber Artist and Crafter who enjoys creating unique and one of a kind Quilts and Handbags. Sharon has worked with fabric since her teenage years. She has spent the last 5 years since retiring from the Corporate World to...

Shawna Franks

I will draw your favorite song. Have you ever wondered what a song looks like? Music is the most personal art form to most of us humans. There are certain songs that get us through our lives. These songs connect us to our joy, anger,...

Shelley Gilchrist

In her abstract sculptural paintings, Shelley Gilchrist explores line, form and color. At present she creates constructions inspired by the perennial struggle of many artists (herself included) to write the often-requested artist statement about their work for an exhibit or proposal. Seemingly random color combinations...

Shellie Argeanton

Shellie Argeanton is a mixed media artist who strongly believes in the healing power of art therapy. She has struggled with anxiety throughout her life and finds it restorative and calming to make art for self-care, inner peace and emotional reflection.  For 15 years, Shellie...

Silvana Tandeter

My name is Silvana Tandeter, being a native from Argentina, I have been surrounded by the textiles, textures and colors of the rich indigenous cultures of South America. I have been a self learner from a very early age, I enjoy jewelry making with beads,...

Socorro Mucino

“I love that printmaking is done by hand; rolling, wiping ink on plates and cranking them through the press. There is something very exciting about pulling a first proof of an image created from photos, digital manipulation, processing the plate and seeing the image on...
Sophie Carlisle
Sophie Carlisle

Sophie Carlisle

I make abstract sculpture with long ceramic coils that are looped or layered into strong, delicate forms. Coils are useful for exploring organic form; they contain an energy of their own and they easily weave together. I really love organic geometries and I like to...
Stephen Collins 3
Stephan Collins

Stephan Collins

I grew up in a talented family of African-American artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs in the Jim Crow 1950s. At an early age I knew I wanted to be an artist. My first encounter with Western “museum art” was at the John Herron Art Institute and...

Stephanie Reed

I’ve been interested in photography ever since I can remember. I’ve gifted some of pictures that I printed on canvas to friends and family over the years. I love making them and they enjoy them, but their walls are getting filled up with art! I...
Candleholder 2
Stephanie Riger

Stephanie Riger

I love glass. Its beauty, brilliance, and color variety mesmerize me. I spend hours playing with different shapes and colors, placing pieces one way and another til I discover the perfect composition. Wood holds the same attraction for me, and I especially love to combine...
NEWfirstIMAGE Stephen Guenther
Stephen Guenther

Stephen Guenther

My first camera came at a very young age, just noting that is was a Mickey Mouse camera says it all. One day I borrowed my older brother’s 35mm Pentax, now I experienced the ability to see through the lens which was both a discovery...
Stephen Starr-Feature
Stephen Starr

Stephen Starr

Stephen Starr is Principal of Stephen B. Starr Design, Inc., a graphic design consultancy in Evanston focusing on website and internet application design and development, branding/logo/identity creation, print design for advertising, marketing and communications and strategic editorial branding and content creation. He does assemblage art...

Susan Cua

I love to paint and I paint to live. It is my strongest passion. I also love to travel and play the piano. For the past several years, I have been visiting Paris in the fall, spending a week and then visiting other places. I...

Suzanne Metzel

I am a lifelong resident of Evanston (3rd generation).  At the Evanston Art Center I studied drawing, watercolor and eventually settled on printmaking until I became pregnant and was evicted from the acid bath closet.  A full time career in law and small children left little...
Ted Glasoe

Ted Glasoe

I am inspired to photograph Lake Michigan in every way I can — from sweeping seascapes to macro shots of its shoreline. I hope to capture as many of the lake’s moods and as much of its personality as I can. I want each image...
Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Photographer, film maker. For as long as I can remember I have been a visual storyteller. When I was 7 I was allowed to use the family’s slide projector to craft narratives of family vacations, mostly around the imaginatings of a young boy exploring the...
Warren Fellingham 1
Warren Fellingham

Warren Fellingham

Auto mechanic breaks out into jewelry making- I have been in the auto repair business for over 25 years in Evanston. One day several years ago I bought a jewelry making class for my wife. Since then, she has been making and selling her creations...

Will Allen

Metal sculpting has been an addiction for me ever since I first picked up a welding gun when I was 17 in a metal sculpture class. The longevity and strength of metal coupled with the method of joinery was attractive to me from the very...

Yulia Bushmanova

Artchanted Life enchanted with Art Artchanted features hand-painted glass and ceramics. It’s been created as a way to share my life-long fascination with art. I get inspired by folk art of Russia, nature and architecture. It never ceased to amaze me how our ancestors connected...
Yvette Meltzer

Yvette Meltzer

Yvette Meltzer enjoyed a variety of art media–drawing, painting, copper enamel work and photography–while growing up in Chicago where she was born and educated. She holds a B.A. in Sociology, an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and advanced certificates in Peace Education and Mediation. Her...
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