Carol Hammerman

The inspiration for my sculpture & jewelry design has always been personal, manifested in a journey of learning, engagement, challenges, frustration et al.

Presently my sculpture showcases the female figure.   Her gesture is mine – yet ambiguous in nature -presented in the form of a trophy, stage, frame and relief atmospheres.   The inherent warmth and richness of the chosen materials strengthen both the visual and more formal elements of design. Designing jewelry is a new process for me.  When creating my sculpture, I have always chosen materials for their physical capabilities and aesthetic. In the trial and error process for my sculptural work, shapes and forms of interest evolved into small scale designs.   I began to see these compositions as designs for ‘wearable sculpture’.  Similar to my sculpture, the formal elements of design are strong and fabricated using a variety of materials such as slate, sterling silver, copper, bronze & fine silver clay.