Michael Winchester

Far-off lands, exotic cultures, and good food have always interested me. In fact, they’ve been the driving forces behind every good decision I have ever made!
This is what led me to apply my formal training in painting and photography into the more 3D execution of Globes.

Elements you’ll find in these pieces include: Collage, Sculpture, & Social Awareness.

Renaissance, Folk, and Pop Art I find fascinating.. The path between the past and the present, the amateur and trained are my inspiration. I’m always trying to get further along that path myself.

Currently living in Evanston with my partner, and two felines, I hope to one day visit the many places my work has found homes. As of now, that is all 50 states, Canada, the U.K., and Greece.

Email: mikepwinchester@gmail.com


IG: @MikesArtChi

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