Paula Inocencia Cofresi-Silverstein

Paula Cofresi-Silverstein is an Artist, Educator, Psychotherapist in Private Practice: BA degree in Fine Arts//Art Education//Elementary&Secondary Ed. from Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico. 1968-Studied Ceramics at the Hyde Park Art Center, 1970-1973-Study Ceramics and Etching-School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1995-2013-Studied Ceramics at No’Eau Visual Art Center on Maui, Hawaii, 2003-Present-Studied Ceramics at Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, Il. Mandala MakingWorkshop that she presented at Columbia College Chicago for over 15 year.

I first discovered clay as an undergraduate in Puerto Rico where we spent a lot of time digging clay in the valley. My interest is on materials (clay and glaze) and the effects materials can create on wheel thrown and hand built porcelain and stoneware surfaces with an emphasis on color and texture. In 1996 after workshops with Dr. Jean Huston a transformational psychologist, I began creating small scale Goddess Sculpture.

Paula also is a painter.

Self Published-2014 Book: “Ollas de Cofresi,” 2015 Book: “Ceramica Cofresi, ”2016 Book: “Divina Mujer.”

Email: centropola@comcast.net

Website: http://www.cofresiarts.etsy.com

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