Tom Okawara

Pottery, I believe, is a tactile and as well a visual art.  Before judging a piece of pottery, you first have to feel it in your hand and feel its weight, balance and texture.  You have to feel its surface and the thickness of its walls.   A good pottery piece must be appealing to hold, as well as appealing to the eye.  It’s much like the Japanese art of tea ceremony, or Chado.  A part of the ceremony is holding the vessel to admire it.  Or, it’s like choosing a coffee mug; you have to hold it to see how it feels. It has to feel just “right” in terms of its size, weight and balance.

My pottery has been mainly influenced by three potters: Shoji Hamada, a Mashiko potter and a designated Living Treasure from Japan; Lucie Rie, a mid-century modern potter from the UK; and Gunner Nylund, a mid-century Swedish potter. I am drawn to their lines, forms and textures.  In my pottery, I attempt to blend them together to form my own unique style. A style that “feels” right when held and pleasing to touch as well as viewed.

Email: Tomo-jo@sbcglobal.net

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