Tom Okawara

I am an amateur potter in the strictest use of the term, amateur.  I pursue pottery only for the pleasure of handling and forming clay. You can say that I am obsessed with certain forms, feels, shapes and glazes of each of my pieces. Not having any formal training in pottery has its advantages; I have not been taught what NOT to do.  Therefore, I feel free to do as I wish, without any rules or established methods for my throwing, trimming, or glazing.

I don’t do mugs… or plates… or any “functional” pieces for that matter, unless it has an interesting shape to them.

As an amateur potter – and not a “production” potter (who churns out dozens of the same piece) – I make only a few of them.  So I feel that I can charge more for them.  Of the “keepers,” I may keep it or I post them online (at Shop Evanston Made, TomoCeramics). The rest, I smash, trash, or “Goodwill it.”

Email: Tomo-jo@sbcglobal.net

Shop Evanston Made: TomoCeramics

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