Yeefah Thurman

My work evolves from my interest in culture, identity, equity, behavior, belonging and social norms. I have a strong desire to research these topics and tell visual stories from a socio-humanist perspective. Using photography, video and other mediums such as paper and wood, I tell narratives different than that of the dominant culture. Africans in the diaspora and my own lived experience are my focuses. Exploring and questioning the limited and biased view dominant cultures have of the misrepresented is paramount to my storytelling.

The intention of my work is to allow outsiders into worlds they normally would not have access to. It is to create connections between the disconnected and to motivate something in the viewer that encourages them to think, see and feel differently about themselves and others, thereby considering to make a change in the world – large or small. When we immerse ourselves in culture very different from our own, our views can be expanded. The effort of the work is to break barriers of communication. By reflecting on the themes in my work and one’s own limited view, barriers can be broken. Ultimately, the goal is for the viewer to realize that our shared humanity is better understood when experiencing narratives about cultures different from our own.

Email: expectsuccess33@yahoo.com
Website: https://expectsuccess33ec3a.myportfolio.com/work
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeefahdotcom/

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