Mark Collins

Think of your reaction when you come upon a scene that draws your attention completely – one of those visual moments that is fleeting but seems to be locked in time – an instant when the color, light, and objects in front of you come together in an arrangement containing both structure and energy. These are the themes and subjects that I explore in my work.

My paintings (oil on canvas) are built on strong representations of light as expressed through clear value and color contrast. I also enjoy exploring the dynamics of composition – how the various components of a painting are both independent yet also part of a cohesive design.

I studied art education at American University in Washington, DC and have been teaching art to high school students for over two decades. Time spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Evanston, Illinois, and Granada, Spain has given me the opportunity to explore the figure, landscapes and cityscapes as well as the beautiful, crisp light found in arid climates. I work from a studio in Evanston and have exhibited my work in galleries and shows throughout the Chicago area. My paintings and drawings are part of private collections in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wyoming, Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, and Madrid and Granada, Spain.

Email: mark@markcollinsart.com
Website: www.markcollinsart.com
Instagram: markcollinsart

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