Evanston Made is committed to elevating and celebrating BIPOC (Black, Indiginous, People of Color) artists.

Below is a list of our BIPOC artist members. We believe that purchasing art by people of color is a great way to do good AND collect phenomenal art.

BIPOC (Black, Indiginous, People of Color) Artists with Evanston Made:

Angela Williams

Website:https://angelawilliamsartdesign.com/about-3, Instagram: @angelawilliamsartdesign

Baz Cumberbatch

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/baz-cumberbatch/
Website: https://www.bazmauiart.com
Instagram: @bazmauiart

Ben Blount

Make Studio at 1125 Florence Ave, where you can see his work on display.
http://benblount.com, Instagram: @blountben

Bryana Bibbs

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/bryana-bibbs/
Website: https://www.bryanabibbs.com, Instagram: @bryanabibbs

Cherie Lockett
Website: https://cherielockett.com/

David Niari

Website: ttp://www.davidniari.com

Destiny Wesley

Website: https://thereadygeneration.org

Fran Joy

Website: http://www.franjoy.com, Instagram: @fjoy5

Indira Johnson

Website: http://www.indirajohnson.com, Instagram: @indirafjohnson

Seth Simmons

website: https://www.freshprintsofevanston.com,  Instagram @freshprintsofevanston

Liz Brent

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/liz-brent/
Website: http://www.lizbrentart.com, Instagram: @lizbrentart

Melissa Blount

Instagram: @beingblount

Jevoid Simmons

Website: http://www.sugarcreekfolkart.com

Melissa Raman Molitor 

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/melissa-raman-molitor/
Website: https://www.melissaramanmolitor.com/portfolio

Rose Cannon

Sarita Kamat

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/sarita-kamat/
Website:https://www.saritakamatdesigns.com, Instagram: @saritakamatdesigns

Shruti Vijay

Email: shrutivijay1987@gmail.com  Instagram: @shrutivijay

Socorro Mucino

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/socorro-mucino/
Website:www.socorromucino.com, Instagram: @almost_by_the_lake_artstudio

Stephan Collins

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/stephan-collins/
Website: Sccj,art, Instagram: @stephancollins123

Susan Cua

EM Portfolio Page: https://evanstonmade.org/projects/susan-cua/
Website:  susancua.com, Instagram: @su_san5721


A Statement of Solidarity Against Racism from Evanston Made

As a young nonprofit, we are still defining how Evanston Made will be a social and racial justice advocate in our community, but we want to make it clear: We stand against racism. We stand with our nonprofit partners and grassroots community activators who work directly in causes that are at the epicenter of the fight against racial injustice, and we are committed to working within our sphere of influence toward equity-centered solutions.  Together, we can alter the actions and attitudes that have allowed injustice to continue, and work to create the systemic and cultural change we need to move into a safer, healthier, more equitable world. 

We believe that artists are social-change communicators.They have the tools to promote conversations about race and racism in ways that help people understand, act, and support solutions that advance equity. Artists help us to imagine a world that is more just and inclusive while learning from our past — and present — mistakes and failures. Evanston Made is committed to elevating the voices in our community that speak out against racism and to promoting the work that advances social and racial justice. 


We believe that Evanston Made should meet and exceed The 15 Percent Pledge to have 15% of our members be Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color. Currently we have 310 members, 5% are BIPOC. We have work to do. 

As we aim to address racial equity in all aspects of our organization we also pledge not to burden our current BIPOC members to do the heavy lifting of outreach and recruitment. Our board will actively connect with individuals and partner with community organizations to raise equity awareness and grow our BIPOC artist membership.

In addition, we will not employ “bandaid” solutions to equity and inclusion, but instead will look into how we can break down social and economic barriers and not perpetuate systemic racism in our organization.