Robert Magrisso

Carvings, Constructions & Collages


The art that I do can be classified as constructions, woodcarvings and collages.  They have been motivated by the desire to express an ever-changing inner vision, a vision that is both psychological and spiritual, personal and universal.  The collages are symbolic, yet at the same time use actual objects and photographs of real objects, I am always trying in my work to get in touch with and express the mystery that is at the heart of reality. Currently I have found that expression more in wood carving, using found limbs and various soft and hardwoods. I have incorporated wood turning into many of these projects lately.  Death, grief, healing and joy are some of the themes towards which I find myself gravitating.  These are themes I daily encounter in my professional life as a general internist physician.

In August of 1995 I had a heart attack, cardiac arrest and near-death experience.  It has served as an inspiration to many of these works.

Email: rmagrisso@gmail.com


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