Julianne Litzkow

Hand painted one of a kind or specialty series silks to move on the body are what I create. The intention of the utility of art and beauty or thought inspiring ideas in daily life is my goal. A scarf for instance , can fit on anyone. One can never outgrow it in size. Silk can insulate and protect and maintain the core body temperature. It is a similar molecular structure to human hair. It is important that the work find completion when worn as that completes the fourth dimension that art speaks with to us… time and movement. The fourth dimension of art includes sound and light of course.

The process of the dye becoming part of the silk fiber through chemical reaction, cure time, steam setting, washing , ironing , sewing is also fundamental to the satisfaction of completion and process with my art.

I create art to be worn , shared and inspire, not fashion accessories.

Sometimes the work will be in tune with the fashion scene so far as fashion speaks of the times that the culture that we are part of is presently experiencing.
Inspiration expressed  through functional Art is my goal.


Email: julilitzkow@gmail.com

Phone: 301-318-2088

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