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Evanston Made's Professional Development Series

Evanston Made's Professional Development Workshop series offers expert advice on different aspects of the working artist's life. Past workshops include "Instagram for Artists who don't Love Instagram", "Photographing Your Work" and "Pricing Your Work" with much more to come. Hosted online and in person, these workshops are free for members.  Advanced sessions may have a fee attached.  See Member Services for more details.

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Past Programs

8/27 - "Pricing Your Art" workshop with Shannon Cahill and Jacqueline Henderson of Art en Object, an art consultancy group based in Evanston.

About this Event

They like to think of themselves as art matchmakers, working closely with clients to find the perfect art (and objects!) for their home—whether it be one wall, the whole house, or anywhere in between! Art En Object is a unique service in that they do not represent any one artist or group of artists but rather source from a broad range of artists (and galleries) which allows them to remain objective and dynamic. They are primarily focused on local talent from the Chicagoland area (and many artists from Evanston) and their clients include individuals, interior designers and architecture firms. They work primarily in residential settings.

Shannon started AEO in 2014. Her discerning eye and love of art have been a winning combination. She has brought beautiful art into many homes over the last 6 years. Jacqueline joined AEO in March 2020—just in time for Shelter In Place--great timing!). She brings years of experience in the gallery and art fair world both in Chicago and abroad and is thrilled to be partnering with Shannon to find the perfect art for their clients.

This event was chock full of helpful insights and advice! Highly recommend you click below!

Holiday Selling Plan

Listen to Liz Cramer and Kathy Halper discuss how to get the most out of this year's holiday selling season.

Recorded on 10/13 this zoom convo is filled with fun facts and loads of thoughts on how to prep for the season of giving. More tidbits, app suggestions and info will be posted as the next few weeks go by.

Link to recording & slideshow here.

Downloadable PDF available here.

8/27 - Tell Your Artist Story with Christine Wolf

Christine Wolf is a journalist, marketing expert, writing coach and owner of Writers’ Haven Evanston. 

“Your artist’s statement anchors you as a professional, connects you to your customers, and distinguishes you from every other artist. No wonder it’s so hard to write an artist’s statement; the stakes and the pressure to do it well can feel overwhelming! You need not be a professional writer to craft your artist’s statement. Often, all it takes is some gentle guidance, an open mind, and a willingness to identify what drives you in your work.  In this seminar, you’ll find compassionate and empowering inspiration to navigate the process  of composing your strongest artist’s statement. We’ll identify the difference between a bio and an artist’s statement, capture your unique voice, identify your various audiences, and help you declare with confidence all that makes you -- and your art -- extraordinary.”

Watch Christine's presentation here:

9/10 - The Art of Wonderful Websites with Rick Levine

Rick Levine has been a website designer and marketer for 25 years. He is the owner of Intrackt and the tech expert that keeps running.

“Artists struggle with how best to create a website that honors their craft, showcases work for sale, and is easy to update with new work and events. Some artists choose to only present a portfolio of images with as few words as possible. Some artists are looking for gallery representation. Some are looking to build an audience. These variables all lead to decisions about what, how, when, and if to sell work online. This workshop will discuss setting goals for your website, reviewing website software options, and planning appropriate incremental growth for your website.”

Rick's Bio

A serial entrepreneur Rick Levine has a rich background in helping companies of all sizes achieve their online business objectives. As a founding partner at web pioneer xBx Channel Media he worked with companies such as Motorola on a global calendar application for press announcements, and Tiger Electronics with online games for their toys. He was the co-founder of UniformMarket which built a SaaS platform on which over 20 million employees ordered uniforms every year from 300 different companies. He maintains a lifelong passion for the arts and works with performance groups and fine artists to create their web portfolios. He maintains an active mission to assist nonprofits and foundations to grow operations and promote events.

Watch Rick's presentation below.

Photographing your work with your iphone

Follow this link for an article written by Kathy Halper to help our members take basic acceptable images of their work with  their iphone.

Article here.

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