Donate To Evanston Made

Donating to Evanston Made

Rolling out our very first fundraising campaign as a newly formed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was a huge deal for Evanston Made in 2020 and we have you to thank for making it a success!

For our first fundraising campaign, we collaborated with letterpress artist Ben Blount on a commemorative, call- to-action poster that drives our key message home - Artists Are Essential! Donors who gave $50 or more to Evanston Made received this poster as a gift of gratitude for supporting our mission - Connecting Evanston Arts and Artists to the Community. We are OUT of posters! Thank you!

Evanston Made believes that art is what connects us and makes us human, and is the social fabric we need to support in our community. Can you imagine where you would be without ART in your life!? We cannot!

Please consider making a donation to Evanston Made today, any amount helps and gets you invited to fun donor appreciation events!

Your donation will go to our General Operating Fund to support programming that connects artists to the community. Thank you in advance!

To make a donation through the mail, please skip the form below and  send a check payable to Evanston Made Art to:

1100 Florence Ave., Evanston, IL 60202