Evanston Made Group Shows

Evanston Made Members Group Shows:  2024

10th Anniversary Group Show - There's No Place Like Home • June 1-28,  2024

Join us for the Opening Reception of Evanston Made’s All Members Group Show, Saturday, June 1, 5-8p.

On exhibit will be a stunning display of visual art (2D, 3D), suitable for display via pedestal or framed. If you have an idea, and are not sure if it fits the brief, call or email us! 

Also on display will be “Evanston Paints” an art installation created by community members, inspired by Herve Tullet's “Art of Play,” celebrating Evanston Made’s impact on the creative community! INFO

The Evanston Art Center is a fantastic location to exhibit art and we are thrilled to occupy both floors for this show - a full building takeover! This is an ALL Members Show and with 400+ members, we expect and are excited for all mediums to be represented.

Opening party, Saturday, June 1st, 5-8p • Click here to RSVP

Evanston Art Center

Address: 1717 Central St, Evanston, IL 60201 


  • Monday 9 AM–6 PM 
  • Tuesday 9 AM–6 PM 
  • Wednesday 9 AM–6 PM 
  • Thursday 9 AM–6 PM 
  • Friday 9 AM–6 PM 
  • Saturday 9 AM–4 PM 
  • Sunday 9 AM–4 PM



Group Show Photography & Mixed Media, Jan 6  - 31, 2024. 

Join us for Artist Talks at the Evanston Made Members Group Show: Photography & Mixed Media at Gallery OTR.

Artist talks will be group-based, featuring 5-8 artists and a tour of the exhibit.

  • Wed, Jan 17, 7-8p, RVSP
    • Join us for artist talks Wednesday, January 17, 7p at Gallery OTR, 2040 Brown Ave.

      Guest speakers:  Janice Fleckman, Jeff Garrett, Jim Parks, Marie-Simone Pavlovich, Socorro Mucino.

  • Wed, Jan 24, 7-8p,RVSP
    • Guest Speakers:  Laura Sudec, Michael Ennis, Heather Eidson and Stephen Starr.

This is a fantastic body of work to add to your Evanston Art Collection. All works in this exhibit are for sale and can be purchased in person or online at shopevanstonmade.org

Hosted at Gallery OTR, 2040 Brown Ave Evanston, IL 60201. Gallery Hours: Thursdays 3-6p, Fridays 3-6p, Sat & Sun 12-3p


Roundtable:  https://evanstonroundtable.com/2024/01/08/at-this-time-gallery-guy-photos/

Daily NU: https://dailynorthwestern.com/2024/01/07/city/evanston-made-exhibits-painstaking-photography-mixed-media-art/

Participating Artists 

Adriana Poterash, Al Gabor, Aleah Hollis, Anna Marie Crovetti, Betty Schulte, Blase Masini, Bonnie Katz, Carolyn Hinske, Cherie Lockett, Chris Walker, Cynthia Kerby, David Bender, Deborah Newmark, Donna Bartman Masini, Ella Kovacs, Ellen Schwarzbach, Heather Eidson, Jamie Thome, Janice Fleckman, Jeff Garrett, Jim Parks, Joseph Frey, Joyce Elias, Karina Wang, Katharine Frey, Laura Sudec, Leslee Samuelson, Linda Iverson, Lisa Haskin, Marie-Simone Pavlovich, Marilyn Crocker, Marsha Peterson-Maass, Melanie Deal, michael ennis, Nancy Gordon, Pamela Allen, Patrick Linehan, Peter Panayiotou, Richard Grahn, Rob Lancaster, Robyn McMurray Hurtig, Socorro Mucino, Stephen Starr, Steven Denenberg, Susan Wein, Suzanne Metzel, Terri Michaels, Yancey Hughes



This Group Show will be hosted at the new exhibition and gallery space at Over the Rainbow’s, Gallery OTR. Evanston Made is using this newly renovated gallery space during December and January to host Group Shows, events, workshops and more.

The Evanston based non-profit arts organization, Evanston Made, invites members to submit works that showcase photography and mixed media techniques.

For this group show, the focus is the medium, highlighting the breadth of talent and subject matters of our members.





Evanston Made

Evanston Made is a membership-based 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization in Evanston, IL. with a mission to connect artists and artisans to art enthusiasts, collectors and new peers in the art world. Membership is open to artists, artisans, makers who make everything from art to clothes to music. We also welcome members who are art lovers and patrons who want to help us carry out our mission. Learn more at evanstonmade.org


Gallery OTR

The brainchild of Les Russo and Jody O'Connor, OTR invites local North Shore artists to exhibit their work in a gallery format at Hill Arboretum Apartments. Gallery OTR hosts Thursday night opening receptions and artists invite their network of friends, family, and patrons, as well as OTR supporters. They leave their artwork on display for a one-month period until a new artist exhibits. A percentage of proceeds of each show's sales is donated to OTR. The goal of this event is to sell art, increase community outreach, and increase awareness for Over the Rainbow. Learn more at galleryotr.com


Shop for exhibiting art online at shopevanstonmade.org - FREE delivery in Evanston. Scroll down for participating artist slide show.


Members Group Show: Photography & Mixed Media, Jan 6  - 31, 2024

Opening party on Saturday, January 6, 4-7p, RSVP here.



Participating Artists on Exhibit in December's Painting Group Show