First Saturday Evanston

First Saturdays Evanston Art Events

On the First Saturday of the month, Evanston Made invites venues in Evanston to host art openings and events designed to elevate and celebrate Evanston's creative community.

Join the party and host an event on any First Saturday of the month! Click here to fill out the form and be added to the event promotions and Google map!

Check the community calendar for listings of all the events taking place and plan your art-filled day!

Use this handy Google Map to plan your art-filled day! 


First Saturday Evanston Art Events, Oct. 2, invite the community to explore Evanston’s thriving arts scene at art openings, pop up markets, exhibits, across Evanston.

Use this handy Google Map to plan your art-filled day! 

Maker's Market

  • Maker's Market, shop handmade goods in a covered parking garage! Doggie and family friendly! Preview vendors here
  • The first 150 people who purchase a ticket to shop will receive one free SWAG bag full of Evanston Made member goodies! 
  • Click here to buy tickets to shop
  • 1800 Maple Ave. Parking Garage, LEVEL 5,
  • $5 suggested donation at the door! 
  • 12 -5p

Art Exhibits and Openings

  • James Deeb, SPACE900, 816 Dempster St., 12-5p
  • Deborah Newmark, Village Farmstand, 810 Dempster St., 10a-3p
  • Comfort Women Exhibit and Installation by Rose Camastro-Pritchet, 1100 Florence Avenue, 12-5p
  • Karen Bermann-Mazibuko Photography, Backlot Coffee, 2006 Central St., 7a-5p
  • Julie Meridian - Specimens Exhibit Opening, Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery, 5-7p
  • Wholeness , Annette M. O'Donnell. Open Studio Project, 901 Sherman Ave., 3-5p
  • Kristen Neveu, Secret Treasures, 605 Dempster St., 11a-3p


Land of Dreams: A short film by Jane Fulton Alt and Jeff Phillips. Corner of Orrington Ave. and Haven St.,  7 - 9 p.

Artists Studio Tours

  • Click here to RSVP to receive a Studio Tour Map!
  • Click here to see participating artists. This event is Oct. 2 & 3rd
  • Saturday Open Studios, 12-5p
  • Carol Hammerman, 1119 Hinman Ave. 
  • Paul Segedin, 828 Monroe St. 
  • Leo Segedin, 828 Monroe St. 
  • Julie Cowan, 1121 Ashland Ave. 
  • Rita Shimelfarb, 1122 Dewey Ave. 
  • Julie Rivera, 1618 Dempster Street
  • Ben Blount, 1123 Florence Ave. 
  • Beth Adler, 1125 Florence Ave.
  • Bonnie Katz, 1132 Florence Ave.
  • Nina Weiss, 2113 Greenleaf St., Ste 9 
  • Alice George, 2308 Lee St. 
  • David Rubman, 2308 Lee St. 
  • Jayne Lilienfeld-Jones, 1711  Darrow St., Unit 2 
  • Nancy Zwick, 1711 Darrow St., Unit 2 
  • Jaimie Brunet, 1711 Darrow St., Unit 2 
  • Ross Martens, 1712 Sherman Ave., #2
  • Darren Oberto, 1712 Sherman Ave., #2 
  • Peter Jablokow, 2457 Prairie Ave. #1D 
  • Kristen Neveu , 605 Dempster St. 
  • Angela Lyonsmith, 617 C Grove St.
  • Sarah Kaiser-Amaral, 927 Noyes St., Studio 215 
  • Jennifer Presant, 927 Noyes St., Studio 217 
  • Jill King Wynn, 927 Noyes St., Studio 217 
  • Socorro Mucino, 927 Noyes St., Studio 220
  • Anne Sills, 927 Noyes St., B10-A 
  • Yancey Hughes, 927 Noyes St., Studio 213
  • Joyce Elias, 1210 Sherman Ave. 
  • Sarita Kamat, 1627 Sherman Ave. 
  • Patrick Duncan, 1731 Dodge Ave. 
  • Amy O Woodbury, 2013 Livingston St. 
  • Ted Glasoe, 2013 Livingston St. 
  • Liz Cramer, 2013 Livingston St. 
  • Ron Cramer, 2013 Livingston St. 
  • Casey Sills, 2232 Lincolnwood Dr.

Terrain Art Installations

Shop our Partners!

  • Artem Pop Up Gallery, 1627 Sherman Ave., 11a-6p
  • Stumble & Relish, 1312 Chicago Ave., 11a-5p
  • Nice Lena & Friends, 1235 Chicago Ave., 11a-5p
  • Alley Gallery, 1712 Rear 2, Sherman Ave, 10a-4p
  • Ayla’s Originals, 1511 Sherman Ave, 11a-4p
  • Kombucha Brava, 717 Custer Ave., 10a-3p
  • Modern Vibe, 611 Dempster St., 11a-4p
  • Coffee Lab, 910 Noyes St., 8:30a-6p

Visit the BAAM page, to keep posted of art events in October!


First Saturday Art Events are hosted by Evanston Made, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization with the mission to connect Evanston creatives to the public through programming and events. Your donation helps make events like this possible, free and open to the public. Donate here, any amount helps,