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Evanston Made

In 2020, we celebrated our first year as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, a huge milestone.

Evanston Made plans to build a sustainable non profit organization with a staff to produce year-round events, exhibitions, social events, and workshops. Membership and donations fund our operations, programming and continued growth and allow us to expand our arts advocacy to support the artists of Evanston.

Our mission: Evanston Made is a membership-based arts organization with a mission to connect artists to art enthusiasts and patrons and also to provide community and professional development to our members. Membership is open to artists, artisans, makers who make everything from art to clothes to music. We also welcome members who are art lovers and patrons who want to help us carry out our mission. EIN# 84-3971750

Pictured above are just some of the people working to make Evanston Made an impactful and successful non-profit arts organization.

Photo above, Evanston Made Board Members at the Annual Member's Group Show 2021; Evan Finamore, Anne Laverick, Kathy Halper, Denise Barreto, Liz Cramer, Lisa Degliantoni. Reach out; info@evanstonmade.org

What is Membership?

Evanston Made welcomes anyone to become a member of our growing arts organization.

Click here to browse Portfolio Pages showcasing works by some of our 400+ members.

Why Should You Join?

  • Participation in the Evanston Made Group Shows
  • Participation in Evanston Made Studio Tour 2x's a year
  • New exhibition opportunities throughout the year
  • Monthly opportunities to network/socialize with members
  • Dedicated artist page on website
  • Artist listings on calendar and events pages
  • Marketing to the public any member activities
  • Sell art and handmade goods on EM online store
  • Participate in professional development workshops and one-on one sessions with staff and guest experts and members
  • Discounts at participating retail partners
  • Access to Evanston’s thriving arts community
  • Support our work to advocate for artists
  • Contribute to strengthening the creative culture of Evanston

Click here to join.

Anti-Racism Work

A Statement of Solidarity Against Racism from Evanston Made

We are still defining how Evanston Made will be a social and racial justice advocate in our community, but we want to make it clear: We stand against racism. We stand with our nonprofit partners and grassroots community activators who work directly in causes that are at the epicenter of the fight against racial injustice, and we are committed to working within our sphere of influence toward equity-centered solutions.  Together, we can alter the actions and attitudes that have allowed injustice to continue, and work to create the systemic and cultural change we need to move into a safer, healthier, more equitable world. 

We believe that artists are social-change communicators. They have the tools to promote conversations about race and racism in ways that help people understand, act, and support solutions that advance equity. Artists help us to imagine a world that is more just and inclusive while learning from our past — and present — mistakes and failures. Evanston Made is committed to elevating the voices in our community that speak out against racism and to promoting the work that advances social and racial justice. 


We believe that Evanston Made should meet and exceed The 15 Percent Pledge to have 15% of our members be Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color. Currently we have 310 members, 5% are BIPOC. We have work to do. 

As we aim to address racial equity in all aspects of our organization we also pledge not to burden our current BIPOC members to do the heavy lifting of outreach and recruitment. Our board will actively connect with individuals and partner with community organizations to raise equity awareness and grow our BIPOC artist membership.

In addition, we will not employ “bandaid" solutions to equity and inclusion, but instead will look into how we can break down social and economic barriers and not perpetuate systemic racism in our organization.

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