Nancy Lamm

I was a shy kid. I was never one to approach others to make friends and play. Instead, I might hang out nearby and hope for someone to invite me to join them. Likely making me one of the least memorable of my classmates. Then, I discovered drawing.

Drawing enabled me to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a safe, nonverbal way. I started sketching other kids and leaving those sketches for them to discover. It started conversations. “Wow!” “Who drew this?” All wonderful ways for a shy kid like me to make an impression and start a friendship.

I explored more mediums. Drawing led to painting and photography and design. I felt more inspired as I explored new ways of expressing myself through the visual arts. As a person, I left the social periphery and started entering into friendships and relationships with confidence in who I was. An artist.

I became a professional. I have been a professional artist for myself and for others. I owned and operated my own clothing and furniture design store. I worked for photography studios. And I worked as a union faux finisher many years. Nice to meet you!

Email: lamm.nancy3@gmail.com
Instagram: @nancy_lamm_art


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