Levern Dahlman

My artistic goal is to create painterly, vibrant photographs and paintings that enable us to experience the real, the possible and the juxtaposition of these two elements. I believe what we see as real and what we imagine through daydreams, meditations and fantasies are not separated by sharply defined borders. Reality and imagined worlds together possess fluid, overlapping edges, with reality, aspirations and memories blending into each other. This mixture of life forces brings us new insights about ourselves and our universe. With the photographs I create I generally use a longer shutter speed to capture natural movement in a scene as well as the effects of graceful movements of my camera. Wonderful, ethereal places are discovered through this camera movement, derived from what may appear to be a mundane scene. I believe the most authentic art each of us can create tells our individual histories, struggles and triumphs. Thus, I start my paintings by re-envisioning and abstracting key events, people and places in my life. I then use that energy to represent those events and places through gestural marks, representational shapes and vibrant colors.


Website https://LDahlmanFineArt.com 

Instagram @LevernDahlman

Email LDahlmanFineArt@gmail.com


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