Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

My most recent body of work is composed of urban cityscapes. I’m attracted to colorful, semi-abstract glimpses of people moving through space. In the cityscapes I paint, I capture fleeting moments of light and color as they scatter across the picture plane. Shadow shapes merge with simplified geometric forms that occasionally collide in perspective. I take viewers on a journey down streets and sidewalks to engage them with the shadows and textures that surround them. For instance, I convey such images through fragmented skies, punctuated by umbrellas, signs, telephone poles, and wires – all indicators of the texture of life all around me. In our fast-paced world, my goal is to get people to slow down, look up from their phones, and SEE the underlying gritty textures of the city where I live and of those where I travel.

For me, painting is a daily ritual inspired by the walks I take around town. I’m a flaneur–noticing the rhythms of life through repetition; I’m attracted to the glow of sunlight as it illuminates colorful murals on the walls of an underpass. Or, I’m drawn to slivers of hard-edged shadows that stretch and break across the sidewalks. Instead of staring at small screens, I want people to look up and notice the geometric rhythms of the brilliant architectural forms that engulf them—to absorb the visual poetry of life in the city.

phone: 773 318 0163