Kerstin Alischoewski

My paintings are a synthesis of traditional Renaissance painting techniques combined with contemporary ideas about picture making. My work expresses my lifelong fascination with paintings of the Flemish and Italian schools. I grew up in West Berlin, Germany, and was exposed to the old masters from an early age. Our family enjoyed viewing great artworks in their natural, unadulterated state, and I learned to admire the great craftsmanship and skill of those artists. I also greatly admire the art from the impressionist and expressionist schools, and in my own work I enjoy imitating some of what I have learned.

Though I do not live in the same age as those artists, and do not have the same understanding of symbolism and meaning in a painting, my paintings represent symbols and meaning of their own particular to me and the time and place I live in. I believe art making is an intuitive process, and interpretation and analyzing is best left to the viewer. My goal is to be true to myself and my own ideas – with all their joy, humor, mystery, and fallibility. I hope to strike a similar chord, some kindred spirit or something universal to be shared with other people.

Website: Kaliwerks.com
Instagram: @kaliwerks
Email: kali@kaliwerks.com
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