Lynne Miller Jones

In my paintings, I explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction in images of the natural world. From afar, my work appears realistic, sometimes photographic, but close up, there is an awareness of paint, gesture and process. I build up a complex layered surface in oil paint, hoping to convey the essence of the subject rather than describing it literally. I zoom in and crop sections of an image, removing it from its context, focusing on pattern, composition and light.

Most recently, my paintings have been of water and sky. I’m compelled by the immersive quality of these subjects and by the serenity they can bring to any viewer. For me, these subjects are endlessly interesting, mostly because of the nature of water in all its forms to distort and refract light. The unexpected shapes and colors that result can challenge how we think something will look, again blurring the line between the realistic and the abstract.

Website: lynnemillerjones.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lynnemillerjones_artist/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lynne-Miller-Jones-Artist-1445615725669454/

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Represented by Water Street Gallery, Douglas MI

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