Chiara “Kiki” Mangiameli

I never imagined that after twenty years as a performer I would trade in my dancing shoes for yarn. But embracing change can forge a pathway to one’s own authenticity; a reminder that the very act of creating provides a space where one’s truth and beauty are most often found.

Now, instead of rhythms and beats, I learn about the weight and feel of different yarns. I find a way to fit them together that is all my own; be it wearable art, or as yarn mosaics reflecting the way I see myself in this world.

My name is Kiki. I hope you will follow me in this ever-evolving journey…

Email: info@kikisyarnworks.com

Website: kikisyarnworks.com

IG: @kikis_yarn_works

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kikisyarnworks

Yarn neckwear promo video: https://vimeo.com/525093168

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