Anna Wooden

Anna Wooden‘s work has its foundation in storytelling, grown from her work as a costume designer for theater and film. Under the name Found and Fauna, Anna works in multiple mediums to create pieces that give life to the characters that populate her imagination. Raised on a steady diet of folklore and fairytales, and a deep and abiding love for lessons that can be found in nature, she channels those passions into spinning her own tales. Each painting and sculpture brings to life a moment from the lush landscape of her interior world. She uses found and upcycled materials to give her creatures a grounding in reality, weaving our world and theirs together so that we can see the fleeting edges of magic that they bring into our daily life. The viewer is left to weave their own story from these snapshots; they are given the opportunity to imagine a beginning and an ending when all you are given is one page out of the book.

Email: annawoodendesign@gmail.com
Instagram: Foundxfauna (https://www.instagram.com/foundxfauna/)
Phone: 263.716.6801

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