Jessica Ustick

My work as an artist is centered around painting nerdy, dreamscapes that evoke a sense of wonder and imagination in the viewer. I enjoy painting with vibrant & playful colors, including whimsical elements that transport you to another world. Through my art, I aim to create a sense of escapism. Allowing people to forget their problems and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and imagination. By incorporating elements of popular culture into my paintings, I look to tap into a shared sense of nostalgia to create a connection with people.

My paintings carry a powerful message. They serve as a reminder that no matter how overwhelming our problems may seem, there is always a world of possibility waiting for us if we are willing to explore it. I want my work as an artist to be both inspiring and uplifting, reminding us of the power of imagination and the importance of finding moments of joy and wonder in our everyday lives.

Email: justick.art@gmail.com
Website: https://ustickart.com
Instagram: @ustickart

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