Ren Picco-Freeman

For many years, I focused on three mediums – hair, makeup and photography. I made the life-changing decision to concentrate on photography, mainly of dancers. I’m obsessed with capturing dancers’ and movement artists’ beautiful feats of athleticism. No other discipline I’ve worked in has moved me in the same way.

I’ve worked with Cocodaco Dance Project, shooting rehearsals, performances and their promotional materials and was the in-house photographer for Foster Dance Studios in Evanston. I’ve also collaborated with Echo Modern Dance, Moonwater Dance Project, Purus Motus and Miakoda Ethical Fashion. My black and white photos of dancer Zac Bigbee were part of a group show at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Shots from my on-going project, “Fall Series”, were recently featured on The Dance Enthusiast and will be shown during the Take Up Space Dance Festival premiering December 10-13, 2020.

I’m now working almost exclusively outdoors. This poses new and unusual challenges but has also been inspiring and has pushed me to new levels of creativity. While photographing dancers in natural settings is nothing new, it becomes even more precious when it is the safest way to do so now…


Email: Ren@Ren.Studio

Website: http://www.ren.studio