Debbie Bretag

I am an enthusiastic Fine Art and Landscape Photographer. I began my passion for photography at an early age when I would watch my mom take family photos with her Kodak Viewfinder Camera. I never could understand how a photograph could come out of that little box. I wanted to be like my mom and create lasting memories of everything. In my early years of learning, I attended multiple community photography workshops focusing primarily on landscape photography. I have captured landscapes most often while backpacking throughout the country.

More recently, my passion has been re-charged by attending formal photography classes at the Chicago Photography Classes (CPC) that offers a full array of training. I have found a niche that embraces my love of all things old and rusty and provides an opportunity to bring new life to my organic and inorganic finds through photography. My goal is to discover ways to reveal objects from a different emotional perspective that triggers a similar spark with the viewer. Much of my present work focuses on rust, found objects, and bringing back to life a past that has long been forgotten.

Though a recent trip to the Norfolk part of the U.K. with several other photographers certainly enhanced my landscape skills. I have a community of photographers, both professional and enthusiasts that strive for the perfect art form. The Women’s Forum at CPC, of which I am a member, has hosted numerous showings at galleries and other artistic locations. I have been able to show my work at 5 of these. I love the creativity that photography brings and the community that it provides for me. Learning how to connect with a viewer and share an understanding of what you are conveying through your art is inspiring.

Email: dbretag@att.net
Website: https://www.thewideopenlens.com
Instagram: @debbiebretag_photography
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