Steve Denenberg

I am a recreational artist and have been for a long time. I have always had an inclination to making art and have made some no matter where I was or how I spent my days otherwise occupied. My only formal art instruction was long ago and brief but the professor of that Plastic Arts class, Dr. William Starrs, had a mantra, “exhaust the possibilities,” that has always stuck with me and been useful.

I work in different mediums-paint, markers, collage, digital and 3D-but the goal in all beyond the enjoyment in the doing is to create something that might attract a viewer’s concentration and reward it in some way. Lately I have been using discarded items as materials, keeping them out of landfill…at least for the time being.

Email: steve@thinhippo.com
Website: www.thinhippo.com
Twitter: @thinhippo

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