Cat Barr

Each one of my pieces is a piece of me!

I create to get outside of myself.

Art is a time when I can turn off my thoughts and just express my feelings without having to explain, judge, or reason what I am creating. It is my favorite form of therapy!

Abstract art has helped me break down my boundaries of perfectionism through allowing self exploration in a way that doesn’t always have to make sense to the common eye.

I typically create multiple pieces at the same time with whatever materials I can find (paint, ink, markers, dried flowers, etc.) then continue to develop them as time goes on showing the evolution of my feelings and or style.

Some common subjects that can be seen in my art are based around social justice issues close to my heart such as Climate Change, Mental Health, and Women Empowerment!

Email: cbarr1@luc.edu

Instagram: coolcatcate

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