Deborah Newmark

I’m fascinated how everyday things like grocery lists and memos can take on surprising significance. I love how these details are both universal and personal. How many elements repeat and converge in a condensed version of time.

I’m also drawn to irregular, random, relationships. Things that are lyrical, thoughtful, a little quirky and infused with a bit of longing.
And, I’m curious about where things touch, where one thought ends and another begins, what is left unsaid. The imperfect.

I play with these details using collage, drawing and mixed media, layering materials and gesture, finding beauty in surprising relationships; often improvised or accidental. I use marks to weave tension between content I choose to reveal and what I conceal.

What is important to me is that I acknowledge a moment in time, one that will never exist again, and that my work might touch someone and prompt them to see the world in a fresh way.

My work is an expression of a passing moment. The beauty of discovery – interesting, palpable, distilled and abstracted.

A way to say, “I am here.”

New Beginnings

I’m returning to my art practice after a long but creative career away from the studio.
I find myself reinventing after twenty rewarding years as the Creative Director for a preeminent manufacturer of decorative architectural glass. Prior to that I’ve worn many hats. I was a Jewelry Designer, Stylist, Architectural Color & Materials Specialist. During those years I exhibited my artwork and accepted art commissions.

Email: deborah.n@sbcglobal.net

Instagram: @deborahandlucie

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