Maya Kalabic

Maya Kalabic was born in Yugoslavia. Maya’s family immigrated to the United States in 1996 in hope of finding a new life of possibility in America.

After landing in Chicago, Maya immersed herself and took full advantage of the possibilities she found—after graduating High School she attended The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and graduated in 2001 with a BA in Fine Arts with a major in multimedia.

Soon after receiving her degree, and drawn to the warmth and allure of the desert, Maya relocated to the Sonora desert where she resided and worked in Palm Springs Ca.  In March, 2019 she moved back to Chicago.

Maya’s unique life experiences inspire and influence her work in many layered ways. Her fond childhood memories of the scenery, symbolism and her innocence as a young child in Yugoslavia; her experiences as a foreigner in a strange land; the rich urban culture of Chicago; and the influence of desert life, in all of its infinite textures and color, are all present in her work.

On the surface, Maya’s work is graphic, easy and effortless. Upon further contemplation her work is almost secretly layered and pushes the viewer to explore the deep emotional response it evokes. Her medium is most often acrylic on canvas but also includes acrylic on wood, collage, maps and other uniquely inspired backdrops.

Maya has exhibited her work in several galleries in Chicago and Southern California.

In addition to her contribution as a fine artist, Maya is a much sought after Graphic Designer, Art Director and Multimedia Designer.

To see more of Maya’s work please visit mayakalabic.com

Email: maya@mayakalabic.com

Website: http://www.mayakalabic.com