Rob Lancaster

Rob Lancaster is a photographer originally from central Indiana. He studied photography in high school and college. After a lengthy hiatus he has found his passion for photography reignited. Drawn to its timeless feel and to the appeal of all things analog, Rob utilizes film for his photography.

His work is currently focused on abstract images and architectural details. “I enjoy finding ways to capture the beauty and symmetry in everyday objects and buildings, the things we pass by in our day to day but don’t give much thought.”

He also has several ongoing photography projects including a favorite records portrait series, documenting independent record stores and concert photography.

His work has been featured by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library in Indianapolis, as well as by Chicago instrumental soul band The Heavy Sounds, and Boston blues band GA-20.

Rob resides in Evanston with his wife and young son.

Website: roblancasterphotography.com
Email: lancaster.awesome@gmail.com
Instagram: @everyday_analog