Susan Baim

I have been doing some form of art for as long as I can remember. I was a painting major in college, but except for a fairly recent short foray into acrylic paint pouring, I have not painted on canvas in many years. One thing I discovered about myself in college, though, was how much I love color. I love putting together colors that don’t necessarily “go” together and coming up with some very surprising results. That’s how I fell in love with polymer clay. I have been working with polymer clay for almost 20 years. I was always amazed at how mixing little 2 oz blocks of this pliable material could reveal so many fabulous designs. I discovered that gold and silver foils, translucent clay, acrylic and oil paints, chalk pastels, and alcohol inks really enhanced the other colors of clay and that the more I manipulated and distorted the clay, the more exciting the final piece would be. I covered glass vessels, made mosaics, and created lots of colorful pendants and earrings in clay. I was a featured artist in the July 2021 issue of Passion for Polymer, a monthly magazine for those of us who love this medium. I love learning new techniques. I love creating colorful pieces. And polymer clay has allowed me to do that more than any other medium I have ever worked in.


Email:  susan.baim@gmail.com

Website: susanbaim.indiemade.com