Michael Birnbaum

I have been painting and making prints for over 50 years, inspired by growing up in a incredibly creative household. My mother was a very gifted Painter and I grew up in a house with a smell of oil paint and medium. The soundtrack of my early life and throughout was filled with great music. I have been a professional drummer and songwriter and did a number of performance art pieces that Inc. music in painted and sculptural elements.

I have as much energy for painting now as I did when I first started. Maybe more. I am continually energized by inspirations that arise every day. The purpose of my art-making is not defined in a single moment, but the gradual evolution of states of wonder and being. I’ve endeavored to create art full of energy, rhythm and passion, as revealing windows to the human experience. I stand in front of the canvas, pray, and say out loud “I’m listening.”

Email: michael@transformedbycolor.com
Website: Michaelbirnbaumart.com
Instagram: Michaelbirnbaumart/instagram
Facebook: Michaelbirnbaumart/facebook

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