Cécile Trentini


  • Born 1962 in The Hague
  • Grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland (La Neuveville / BE)
  • Lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and Evanston IL (USA)
  • Diploma as a translator from Dolmetscherschule Zürich
  • 1988/89: Vorkurs (preliminary studies) at Schule für Gestaltung Zürich (Art School)
  • 1990 – 94: Studiowork, paintings and sculptural objects
  • Since 1995: Textile art, works on paper

Exhibitions (most recent)

2019:  Framework, The Saw Room, Evanston, IL
2015 /2017 / 2019: Quilt National, Athens, OH
2018:  Quilt Triennale, Heidelberg, Germany
2016:  Circonvolutions, solo exhibition, Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, GB

Artist Statement

My career as an artist started as a painter and creator of sculptural objects. I discovered quilt art rather by accident, but immediately felt at home in the world of fiber, replacing brush, canvass and paints with the sewing machine, fabrics and thread.  I still occasionally create works on paper, often influenced by my textile experience.

My main drive is curiosity: many of my pieces start with the question “what if?”. What if I used this technique or this particular material, what if I focused on that theme? I love to explore and play with ideas and materials. My approach is often analytical, systematic, constructive, but just as often intuitive and emotional. My work draws as much from what I like in painting and sculpture as from seemingly insignificant details and materials of everyday life.

Email: mail@ceciletrentini.ch

Website: www.ceciletrentini.ch

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