Jill King

My current sculptures inhabit and confront challenging themes such as memory and loss, darkness and light, intimacy and seduction. For inspiration, I look at forces of nature: topographical images of hurricanes and Hubble Space telescope images. Capturing emotional states or the energy of now, I use that impetus as fuel to drive my process. I begin many of my works by drawing gesturally with wire or steel rods – twisting, melting and manipulating until the armature speaks to me. My three dimensional artworks are formed by stretching an opaque fabric over a linear steel construction. My airy sculptures look like floating, celestial cloud formations or other-worldly figures that have come to life. Welded steel, glass, Eco Epoxy resin, sewn acrylic coated fabrics, fade-proof parachute fabric, and color changing LED lights – these innovative, durable materials act as vehicles for expression in my suspended public sculptures.


Email: jillkingstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: @jillkingstudio

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