Mark Hurwich

Mark Hurwich is anything but a “serious” photographer and potter.

Rather, his work reflects a life-long interest in illuminating the whimsical, playful and quirky wonderfulness ever-present within and around us. That works aims to open our ability to see and engage hidden delights, including those in our greater selves. Examples range from abandoned pay phones in Grand Central Station NY; to the grounded gestalt of shamans in Latin America; to unusual every-day forms when clay is invited to express its plasticity.

Mark was virtually born with his dad’s Argus c3 camera in hand, graduating to SLRs, his own darkroom, and later DLSRs. Mark shot stills in books like Fearless at Work; provided images for web sites like dreamchange.org; and lit, shot, and edited video for projects like “Working with Passion.” He’s also photographed others’ art for catalogs and shows. Ceramics is a new outlet that feeds Mark’s hunger for hands-on analog creation, especially with the effort and tedium of darkroom work less available.

Mark’s art pedigree is also anything but serious. The closest he came to an art degree was as a visiting student at Vassar in 1974. He’s been fortunate in being able to build skills over the years, including learning from photographers like Jordan Scott (Lillstreet), and potters like Les Orenstein (Evanston Art Center). Mark’s work was exhibited and sold in a recent Evanston Art Center show.

When Mark isn’t behind his camera, editing on his computer, or before a wheel, he’s a coach who helps creatives get unstuck (dissolving writer’s block, fear of career shift, etc.) and connect to higher purpose. He also does this work in a playful and whimsical way. Mark is also at work on a book, The Perfection of ‘Good Enough.’

Mark’s work can be found at www.whim-see.net.




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