Cherie Animashaun

Published author at the age of 12, Cherie is now using her love for writing in order to empower women and youth alike. Through her nonprofit, Her Rising Initiative, Cherie is delivering resources to orphanages in Nigeria, as well as donating to local organizations that are elevating students and immigrants in the Evanston and Chicagoland area. Her Rising is made possible by Compass customers and generous donations! When Cherie isn’t publishing books, she’s actively participating in an outreach group, working with kids, getting through her junior year of high school, or leading at her beloved churches.

Compass is a series of planners and mindfulness workbooks all in one!! The adult edition contains to-do maps, goal trackers, journaling, art, and budgeting sheets. The newest teenage edition has advice from high schoolers, therapists, and social psychologists. Every teen will be able to learn from the mini lessons, relieve stress with the coloring pages, games, and mindfulness activities. Organizational tools such as a weekly planner, think tanks, and goal trackers will prove useful to every student! Cherie is also in the process of tailoring Compass books to schools and programs working with trauma survivors. Want tailored Compass editions for your group? Contact Me.

Email: Cherieanimashaun@gmail.com


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