Peyton Evans

My name is Peyton Evans and I’m a young, emerging visual artist in Chicago, IL. I’m a self taught painter, as well as a photographer and video artist. I typically work with acrylics for my paintings. I create artworks in various themes of representation of race, gender, sexuality, self expression, and mental health.

My creative process includes using acrylic paint, pouring medium and asking myself how I am. My techniques include using acrylics to do paint pouring by mixing different acrylic colors with a pouring medium and applying them to the canvas. I don’t apply the paint with a brush, but pour them directly onto the canvas. I find myself often not knowing how to describe how I feel, so I use art as an expression for that. It sometimes feels like there aren’t enough words for my feelings.

As a person with mental illness, sometimes I didn’t know how to describe the big feelings that I’ve felt for a long time, chronically in the background as if they’ve blended in with the scenery. Depression, anxiety, self harm and intrusive thoughts are things I’ve had to learn to cope with – and the only thing that has helped me express those “feelings that have no words” has been art. So, I took each piece out of the darkness inside me and brought it into light.

I typically work with canvases of various sizes ranging from 5×5 to 18×24, and I hope to go larger. My work is inspired by so many artists that I listen to that have been vulnerable, and let go to create. They let their art show who they are, how they feel, and what they’ve been through including the pain. Long ago I read a statement about taking your pain and turning it into art, and that is what I do.

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Instagram: blankcanvasart_byzay

Email: artzbyzay@gmail.com

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