Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland at Canal Shores!

Join us in creating an outdoor art exhibit across 18 holes at Canal Shores this February!

Canal Shores, Downtown Evanston + Evanston Made invite the public to create an outdoor art experience across 18 holes with a Nature Art Exhibit!

Feb. 1-28, the public is invited to create visual treasures throughout the golf course to surprise and delight visitors. Projects can range from the simplest activities that children can produce to thought provoking dioramas created by professional artists.

If you plan on being a visitor, RSVP at: eventbrite

How to Participate with art:

There is no need to "pre-register" with Evanston Made! Just create your art and install after February 1!

  • Create your nature art and install anywhere you want at Canal Shores! Except in the middle of the green. 
  • Take a photo of your nature art and upload photo and location (which hole) to social media and the Evanston Made website
  • Share photo of your nature art on social media using #evanstonmade #evanstonartconnects
  • Fill out form below so we can share your art and location (see map below)!
  • Join us for a Saturday Fire Pit!

When to visit:


Join us every Saturday, 3-5p, in February, at the Canal Shore Club House Fire Pit off Lincoln Ave. We'll supply art-making materials and demos.

Feb. 20, 3-5p
  • Make tiny tree houses with artist Kathy Halper. Cigar boxes and inspiration included!
  • Yarn bomb with fiber artist Bryana Bibbs. Yarn supplies included!
Feb. 27, 3-5p
  • Cook Your Books: S'more Fun with Artists Book House! ABH will supply all materials to create an Edible Book at the Fire Pit!
  • Make tiny birds with Kids Create Change to add to their Hope Tree !
All events are FREE w RSVP and open to the public!


Planning a walk?
Now that we're two weeks in, we can suggest that for your best art viewing, you visit the Pro Shop area, the 11th Hole, 3rd Hole, 1st Hole, 2nd Hole, and 14-15th hole. We know a lot of art has been installed in these areas. Colfax Ave through north of Isabelle.

Enjoy pictures of current installations and see map below to confirm locations.


What kind of art can I make?

We are encouraging participants to make "nature art", or art that uses natural materials that can be found on the golf course and surrounding grounds. This can be sculptures created on the golf course or art pieces created at home/studio and brought to the golf course to install.

Any materials brought in will need to be removed by the artists by March 1, 2021. Heart art will arrive on recycled election signs with stakes, but can be removed easily. Tiny houses can be left behind. Deinstallation will happen on a case by case basis.

Yarn Bombing:

Knit color patterns with yarn and rope around trees
Audience: All ages
Materials: yarn available at any craft store
Painted Rocks:
Paint rocks with art, animals, love notes and place throughout golf course
Audience: All ages
Materials: collected rocks and paint
Paint ice and snow throughout golf course with color safe dyes
Audience: All ages
Materials: Recipe for safe color dye, plastic spray bottles from Walgreens
Heart Art:
Paint hearts any surface, to include recycled election signs and place throughout golf course
Audience: children 12 and under, Girl Scout Troops
Materials: 300 election signs that need to be primed with white paint and distributed
Tiny Tree Houses:
Assemblages/dioramas/shadow boxes created in tiny houses and strapped on to trees
Audience: Created by adult artists to be enjoyed by all ages

Materials: Tiny houses can be constructed out of found material such as cardboard or wood, or are available pre-made as house shapes at Oriental Trading Company for $8. Straps adhered to the back can be used to wrap box to tree. Alternately, houses can be hung from tree branch with hardware and wire/twine. We thank Cabinet of Curiosity's Messages of Hope for generously sharing their project with us. To read how artist Kathy Halper made hers, click here.


  • What is nature art? We are encouraging people to make art using materials they find in nature. We are also happy to hang non-natural pieces such as yarn art and painted boxes. BUT they must be removed at the end of the month!
  • Will the art be protected? Absolutely not! Do not hang or install anything valuable in the Winter Wonderland. In addition to snow, rain and wind, it would not be surprising to find art disrupted by human interference.
  • Can I hang art anywhere on the Golf Course? All 18 holes across Evanston and Wilmette are available to participants but Canal Shores has kindly asked that we stay off the middle of the green on each hole.



Winter Wonderland

Sign up here to participate in the art activities taking place at Canal Shores Golf Course February 1-28, 2021.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, .
    Please submit a photo of your art at least 1500px on one side and no bigger than 5mb
  • Please use map below to let use know where your art is.

Map of Canal Shores