Submitting art to the Shop

Submitting Art to the Shop

All members are welcome to submit their art or crafts to the online shop.

Members who would like to manage and load their own products may request to be made "vendors". Vendors can log in to the website and have access to the store management system. An instructional PDF is available.

There is no charge to submit work. Evanston Made will retain 20% of any sales. Please note, this is a change in policy.

Do not submit more than 10 items to sell. As work sells you can add more. Any priced work is welcome.

Please send between 1-3 jpgs (ONLY jpgs and pngs can be used!) of these items to

Images should measure 1500px on one side. No bigger than 5MB.

Make sure they are crisp and clear. Consider sending photos that show side views or installation photos or the product in use.

Include the following information with your submission:
-Material or Process
-Inventory (How many of this item do you have to sell?)
-Description if wanted

*Shipping - you may tell us a flat shipping price for your item (in the US). OR you may include shipping in the price of the item. If you wish to have shipping added, there will be an option in the checkout for local versus shipping.

Getting Paid

There is no charge to submit work. Evanston Made will retain 20% plus fees of any sales. Please note, this is a change in past policy.

Payment will be made the last Friday of the month via Stripe or check.


Photographing Your Art for Selling

Please take care when photographing your work. We are trying to sell your art and it must be presented well in order to do that.

We will not add the following types of photos to the Group Show or Online Store:

  • Blurry images
  • Extraneous things in background
  • Not cropped
  • Not Centered in frame
  • Too Dark to see
  • Too much bright glare
  • Not positioned upright

If you need help photographing your work, please reach out to us

We want to help!

Here is a link to a blog post with suggestions for taking photos of your work with you smart phone at home.


Here is a link to video that teaches you how to build a cardboard lightbox (perfect for jewelry, ceramics and small art!)

Shipping, Sales Tax and Return Policy

Evanston Made does not do the physical shipping of items. Artist will ship their work.

Sales tax is charged and managed by the artist.

Any request Evanston Made receives for exchanges or returns will be forwarded to artist. The artist is welcome to tell their customers there are no returns.

Evanston Made will not refund payments unless it is due to an error on our part.