Side/Lot Experimental Films























SIDE/LOT is accepting submissions of experimental and short-form videos created by video makers who live or work in Evanston as part of Evanston Made.

  • Work must be three minutes or less in duration.
  • Work will be juried by a panel of three artist/filmmakers.
  • Student work is welcome.
  • Collaborative work is welcome.

Screening North Side of the Evanston Art Center on Friday on May 31st starting at 8:45pm and indoors at regular times during the Evanston Made exhibition.


DEADLINE for submissions: April 15





What do you consider experimental?

We would rather you define experimental and submit your videos.

What if my video is longer than 3 minutes?

We will only review up to the first 3 minutes of your submission. If your video is selected we will either cut it at 3 minutes or ask you to find a suitable cut point.

Can I submit my 10 second video, it is really short?

Yes! Since the 1st screening is outdoors, short works are often really successful.

Can I use my favorite song in my video?

Do you have permissions from the musicians/author? We insist that submissions indicate that they hold all rights and permission to screen the work, including the music. If you are looking for rights free music, check out the rights free Youtube music library.

Can students and non-professionals submit videos?

Yes! We want to see interesting, intriguing, fun and challenging videos regardless of who made them.

Why do you use Vimeo?

Vimeo offers a free Basic Membership

500MB per week of upload space

What does Vimeo Cost?

The Basic plan is free!

How do I upload my video?

Preparing to upload

Using the Vimeo App on MacOs

Compressing your Video in iMovie

Compressing your Video with Handbrake

Compressing your Video with Apple Compressor

Compressing your Video with Adobe Premiere

Compressing your Video with Apple Final Cut Pro X


I still need help making sure my video is exporting correctly.

We will be hosting an information and help session on Wednesday March 20th, at the One River School. 1033-1035 Davis St, Evanston.