Wendy Scofield

I am a mom (always), ceramic artist (mostly), gatherer (forever), but have also been know as a creative director, designer, and photo stylist.

My work explores the intersection of clean functional shapes that illuminate the natural texture and characteristics of the clay body. My background as a graphic designer is seen in the restrained approach to surface decoration, while allowing the forms and materials to speak for themselves as they interact with the space around them.

The natural world around me is a constant source of inspiration. My current body of work is inspired by the environs of coastal New England, where I grew up. Porcelain is reminiscent of the sun and salt leached shells that have captivated me in their various states as they return to nature. The choices I make about how to finish a piece, whether to leave it natural, burnish it to smooth velvety finish or to glaze it, also harken back to the various textures found in nature and states of decay. Finally, the color palettes derive from the atmospheric changes familiar to the coast.

I am a member of the Midwest Clay Guild where I share studio space with an amazing group of talented artists.

email: wendy@fieldfinding.com

website: fieldfinding.com

instagram: @fieldfinding