Peter Kime

I am currently making works that are part of my engagement with Tarthung Tulku’s inquiry into time, space, and knowledge. I work primarily with acrylic paint, and occasionally blend in bits of glass, sand, slag, or ground pumice. I stand and wait, until suddenly I must begin. Swaths of color, drips, and gestures of brushstroke express themselves, embodying energy and constellating an encounter. Often geometries appear that engage another knowing. Sometimes a given work will call for a representation of something from the world: a vase, a car, a horse, a letter. Other times, fabric, frames, and found objects are included—the presence of their materiality, functionality, and history setting other dynamics of meaning into motion.  For me the process opens the play of space, time, and knowledge, and the gift it had for me that day. My lofty aim is to make art that passes that gift on whole to you. I hope you’ll find something there that nourishes.


Email: Peter@soularcstudio.com

Website: soularcstudio.com

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