Gallery 1925

Wilmette-based interior designer Laura Soskin has unusual collections of art, objects and accessories that she’s build up over many years. In November, 2021, she moved some of the best pieces into Gallery 1925 on Central Street in Evanston, Illinois.

Soskin, who has given her north shore clients access to her objets d’art for more than 20 years, recently decided to share them with the world. Her acquisitions come from antique markets across Europe, the East Coast and even the Chicago suburbs. Soskin keeps her eye out for pieces that have age, patina, and most importantly, a fascinating back story.

What makes Soskin’s offerings at the gallery so extraordinary is the nature and origins of each piece. Her assemblages span from prehistoric arrowheads right up to contemporary paintings by talented local artists. It’s not uncommon to find natural items (sea sponges, coral, large crystals) mixing well with jewelry and sculpture. By peeking into the sun-filled space, you can easily spot an African Yumba tribe drum sitting comfortably next to a Japanese Ikebana basket. Or Tibetan prayer scrolls hanging behind ceramic storage vessels from the tang dynasty. The more time spend looking through the items, the more history unfolds.

Soskin’s finds give her a peaceful feeling, which is why she culled them out of a sea of objects in the first place. Now she wants to share that love of the ancient and obscure with other appreciators. You’ll find her arranging her beautiful finds every Wednesday through Sunday afternoon.

Email: laura.soskin@gallery-1925.com

Website: http://www.gallery-1925.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gallery_1925

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