Jerie Levern Dahlman

I have been painting and photographing naturescapes for a number of years and recently discovered a set of techniques for blending my paintings and photographs to create breathtakingly beautiful images and patterns.
For me, a photograph is only the beginning of my process to create art that makes the viewer pause and ponder the possibilities suggested by the finished art work. Experiencing this art is transformative, enchanting and endlessly stimulating.

Looking back to my graduate school studies in clinical psychology at University of California, Berkeley, I learned that our brains love to see things we have never seen or imagined before. I shamelessly use this information in my art work to create uniquely intriguing scenes and patterns and to also leave the door open for the viewer to extract their own unique experiences.

If you’re like me, you appreciate vivid colors and you love art with multiple interesting areas to explore and enjoy. I humbly admit that I continue to be fascinated by the images I have created, and hope you too, along with your families and friends, find them joyously surprising and emotionally nourishing.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or comments.

Email: LevernDahlmanArt@gmail.com