David Hinske



Central Gardens Fair – Memphis, TN 2000

South Main Art Fair – Memphis, TN 2000 

Cooper Young Artist Invitational – Memphis, TN 2000 

Two Person Show, Cooper Young Gallery – Memphis, TN 2001 

Memphis in May, Regional Art Show – Memphis, TN 2001 

South Main Art Fair, Live Painting – Memphis, TN 2001 

Cooper Young Artist Invitational – Memphis, TN 2001 

Two Person Show, Cooper Young Gallery – Memphis, TN 2001 

Flowers and Art, Dixon Gallery – Memphis, TN 2002 

Art to Dine For – Memphis, TN 2002 

One Person Show, “A Narrow Slice of Pi”, Mariposa Art Space, Memphis, TN 2002 

Cooper Young Artist Invitational – Memphis, TN 2002 

One Person Show, “True Stories About Trees”, Dyersburg State, Covington, TN 2003 

Group Show of recent works, Durden Gallery, Memphis, TN 2003 

One Person Show, “Influence”, Durden Gallery, Memphis, TN 2003 

Cooper Young Artist Invitational – Memphis, TN 2003 

The Art of the Box, Collaboration with C. Hinske, Brooks Museum, Memphis, TN 2003 

639:version 2.0, Group show and open studios, Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN 2003 

New Paintings by Gallery Artists, Group exhibit, Durden Gallery, Memphis 2004 

Collaboration Show w/ Carolyn Irving Hinske, “Chimera”, Playhouse, Memphis, TN 2004 

Art for Art’s Sake, Cooper Young Business Association, Memphis, TN 2004 

Live Painting – South Main Arts Festival 2004 

One Person Show, “Tales From a Quiet Kitchen”, Durden Gallery, Memphis, TN 2004 

Two Person Show, “organon”, w/ Chuck Zimmer, Durden Gallery, Memphis, TN 2005

One Person Show, “A Life”, Durden Gallery, Memphis, TN 2006

Group Show, “Braided Lives”, Berkeley, CA 2006

One Person Show, “Places and Seasons”, Askew/Nixon/Ferguson, Memphis, TN 2007

One Person Show, “Every Dance”, William & Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 2007

One Person Show, “Road Work”, Jay Etkin Gallery, Memphis, TN 2008

One Person Show, “In Progress”, Sagefarm Contemporary, Taos, NM 2008

Group Show, “Interwoven Illuminations”, Rane Gallery, Taos, NM 2008

Three Person Show, “saecralorum”, Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, NM 2009

One Person Show, “Transcendental Vocabulary”, Art Under a Hot Tin Roof, Memphis, TN 2010

One Person Show, “ir tens ki”, J Fine Art, Taos, NM 2010

Two Person Show, “Two Rivers”, Harrington-Brown Gallery, Memphis, TN 2011

Group Show, “Fragments: Poets and Artists of the South and Southwest, Memphis, TN 2011

Group Show, “Atmosphere”, Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX 2011

Group Show, “Market Value”, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 2012

Two Person Show, “Falling Into Grace”, New Gallery, Taos, NM 2012

Group Show, “Abstraction, Form and Function”, Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX 2012

Quick Draw, Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, TN 2013

One Person Show, “Surface Area”, Sabroso, Arroyo Seco, NM 2014

Group Show, “Couples”, Sabroso, Arroyo Seco, NM 2014

One Person Show, “A Closer Look”, Sabroso, Arroyo Seco, NM 2015

One Person Show, “From the Earth”, Sabroso, Arroyo Seco, NM 2016

One Person Show, “just between you and me…”, Evanston, IL 2019




Downtowner Magazine, Memphis, Tennessee

Henry Turley Company, Memphis, Tennessee

Viking Range Corporation, Greenwood, Mississippi

Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

Main Street Dental, Memphis, Tennessee

Service Assurance Corporation, Memphis, Tennessee

Tipton County Electric Co-Op, Dyersburg, Tennessee

Dyersburg State Community College, Covington, Tennessee

St. Regis Princeville Resort, Signature Suite, Princeville, Hawaii

Catherine Ellis, LLP, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, New Mexico




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Owner/Curator, Cooper Young Gallery – Memphis, TN 1999-2001

Guest Art Writer, The Lamplighter – Memphis, TN – various dates 

Merit Judge, Pink Palace Art Fair – Memphis, TN – September 2001 & October 2004

Secondary Photographer, WKNO art auction catalog – Memphis, TN – October 2001 

Curator, Cooper Young Artist Invitational – Memphis, TN – September 2002 

Judge, Fur, Fin, and Feathers Arts and Crafts Festival, Middleton, TN, Aug 2003 

Art Interpreter, WKNO art auction – Memphis, TN – November 2004 & 2005

Owner/Curator, Sagefarm Contemporary Art and Fine Craft, 2008-2009

Contract Preparator, Harwood Museum of Art – Taos, NM 2009 & 2010

Curator, Taos Center for the Arts, various exhibitions – Taos, NM 2013 thru 2018

Commissioner of New Mexico Arts – 2012 to 2015


Artist Statement:



Contact info:


David Hinske, 1323 Maple Avenue #4NE, Evanston, IL 60201   575.751.3733


David Hinske’s paintings are nationally collected privately and by public corporations and educational institutions. The Brooks Museum of Art, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Dyersburg State University, the University of West Georgia, and the Taos Center for the Arts have included his work in exhibitions and events.