Amy Harms

About the artist:

18 years ago Amy was asked to be the director of an art gallery in St. Louis, thus beginning her career into the arts, and also initiating a passion to begin creating her own artwork. Over the last 15 years she has directed 3 art galleries. Most recently she has been an Art Consultant in Chicago, working with designers to create art to fit the needs of each space, whether it be residential or commercial.

Self-taught as an artist, she studied at Harrington College of Design, and also has degrees from Missouri State University in Communications & Music. Along with creating artwork, she has a piano studio and teaches dozens of young budding musical artists.

Amy’s artwork has evolved through the years through different influences in the design and art world, and also her background in music. Her areas of interest are focusing on reclaimed materials and creating fluid movement within her abstract works. Inspiration comes from sound waves and emotions felt in music.. Her ARTesian RAPsody Collection is centered with musical element of artwork…whether that be reclaimed vinyl record jewelry or, creating rhythms of movement in paper weaving.

Contact info:
Amy Harms

Website: https://amyharms.com
IG: @artesianrapsody @amy.harms
FB: Amy Harms Art Studio