This recap is coming in a little late but Edgewater Candles deserves a huge shout
out for hosting our 2nd Members Mixer on April 12!

What a beautiful space! As soon as you walk in you’re dazzled by the seductive smells. In fact, I found it impossible to walk out without a candle in my hand (Red Ginger Saffron pour moi). Exposed brick, strings of lights overhead and a lovely island for our spread of wine and snacks.

You can picture how much fun it would be to do a candle making party or class at the space.

Mark was a charming host. We missed his partner, Stephen, who was attending to personal business. We also had to carry on without Lisa D, who had worked herself so hard she finally succumbed to some sort of plague! But we had a great turnout, nonetheless. You can really see people starting to engage more with each other and starting to make new and stronger connections. I know I’m certainly starting to feel more engaged!

If you aren’t familiar with the complex that houses Edgewater Candles, you should really check it out at 2113 Greenleaf. The large building was renovated about a year ago and transformed into work/live spaces. There are a number of talented artists based there, as well as other creatives and businesses. If any of them join the June Studio Tour be sure to put them on your list!

Next up is our first All Members Meeting at the Evanston Art Center May 1 from 7-9 pm. We’re going to start with a bit of business and finish off with socializing and refreshments. Please join us and let us know you’re coming by going to this link.