We are starting a new blog post feature where monthly we’ll shine a light on a local Evanston maker, crafter, or artist. If there is someone you’d love for us to interview or profile, just let us know!
Our first local is Lindy Stockton the owner and force behind The Collage Cafe. She has a cute studio and creative space where she not only hosts fun workshops, playshops, and events, but works on her own artwork and handmade wares.
(EM) Sooo…. why the name ‘The Collage Cafe’ ?
(Lindy) Honestly, I think it goes back to a time when my then partner and I were dreaming of opening some sort of biz. And of course, some folks feel it is confusing because it is NOT a cafe (though I do always offer up snacks and drinks when you’re in the space). It’s worked out though because it’s a little quirky and people tend to remember it. When I’m at a gathering or party and I’m introduced to people, when I mention that I’m The Collage Cafe there is a gleam of name recognition.
(EM) Would you consider yourself a maker, crafter or artist?
(Lindy) I find it funny and interesting the connotations that words take on and the meanings that get assigned to them. I’ve become much more comfortable calling myself an artist, but definitely I am also a maker. A creative.
(EM) How would you describe your artwork? In what medium do you tend to work?
(Lindy) I am most definitely a mixed media artist. I began very much a collage artist. My work has grown and continues to move in new and exciting directions as I learn new techniques and play with new materials and supplies. I have always been an abstract artist is what I’m drawn to as a collector as well. I tend to grab whatever is closest to me and I am definitely not a purist. Some of my most favorite supplies are inexpensive craft paints from Target and Martha Stewart. My artwork generally is colorful, bright, with a sense of whimsy and play.
(EM) You also mentioned that you’re a maker…
(Lindy) Yes. Definitely. Have been for as long as I can remember. Currently my obsession is making hand-made journals. Each one is unique and one-of-a kind. I started making and selling these beauties a couple years ago and will continue to do so as long as I’m having fun doing it.
(EM) What is the best thing about being part of the arts community in Evanston?
(Lindy) For me it’s the layering of many things… I love being able to bring people together for classes or hosting private events… especially when it is people who might not otherwise think of themselves as creative. By opening ourselves up to art and creativity we help shift our ways of thinking and mindsets. We allow for broader interpretations and beliefs and that can then naturally spill over into our world view. And spending time creating has been proven to be an excellent stress reducer! I also love having the opportunity to grown and learn and stretch as an artist and coach. I love the path I am on and where it’s taking me.
(EM) What does the future of The Collage Cafe look like?
(Lindy) I’d love to eventually build a strong portfolio and move into licensing my work. I want to continue to offer a haven and space for women to gather and create. And of course continue growing as an artist and maker and sharing what I learn along the way.
(EM) Where can people find you?
(Lindy) Physically The Collage Cafe is located at 1129 Florence Ave in Evanston. Online follow me here: Facebook.com/thecollagecafe  Instagram.com/thecollagecafe  Twitter.com/the_collagecafe  And you can see classes and merchandise on the website TheCollageCafe.com