Go To Market Checklist

*email info@evanstonmade.org for PDF version




  1. The Work
    1. Inventory and Assortment curation
    2. Pricing Structure 
      1. See link to tutorial
    3. Collection and/or Individual descriptions
      1. Tell your story: Inspirations,  titles, sizes, medium, substrate
    4. Ready to Sell- matted, cello bag, framed, wired to hang
      1. Professional, protect the work, display ready
  2. The Photos
    1. Good quality photos, cropped properly, potentially multiple views
      1. Tutorial on photographing work with Iphone
      2. Budget for professional photo session.  (We have contacts below)
      3. Kit to shoot on One option 
    2. Correct sizing and format
      1. Tips on avoiding HEIC setting or converting if needed
      2. Tips on resizing images on phone/laptop
  3. The Promotions
    1. Social Media -Tutorials Here and FB Members Page Here
    2. Collecting and maintaining and utilizing your mailing list
    3. Newsletter platform and schedule (MailChimp is an easy platform)
    4. Business cards, evergreen or event specific (Use Canva)
    5. QR codes  (Use QR-codemonkey.com)
  4. The Selling Logistics
    1. Shopevanstonmade.org – (Seller Profile setup/URL scroll down Here)
    2. Selling via Instagram, Etsy or other
    3. Pricing consistently to cover expenses, regardless of platform
    4. Payment methods safe for you, easy for your buyers (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle)
  5. The Talk 
    1. Speaking about your work- engaging and sharing your narrative
    2. Elevator pitch- everyone needs one (2 minutes or under)
    3. Artist Bio- about you Tutorial Here
    4. Artist Statement- about your art practice
  6. The Follow up  
    1. Maintaining connection once the event is over (email list)
    2. How do interested clients or repeat clients find you 
    3. Handling follow up after a sale, thank yous, packaging, delivery

NOTES & NEXT STEPS:  All links can also be found at https://evanstonmade.org/members-account/member-services-2/

PW: EMMscoop

Nice to haves:

  • Press kit- ready to go for applications, requests, grants, interviews
  • Website- your personal gallery page, artist bio, artist statement, WIP videos
  • Collateral- for Markets, Fairs, events- Your personal branding kit
  • Professional photography of your work- particularly before a big event, solo show
  • Formal Financial  & Marketing plans- Costs, pricing, Digital footprint, reach etc.
  • “Ideal Customer” workshop and analysis- One Resource


Supplies                                      Framers                                  Gear or Apps

Jerry’s Artarama                          Alley Gallery                           ‘Canvas’ light/Iphone 

Cheap Joe’s                                   Masterpiece Framing            Light kit or photo box

Clearbags.com.                             Tremain Art                            Canva app 







Art Licensing article: https://graphicartistsguild.org/license-it/

(We will also follow up with a few of our members who license work!)


Art Fair/Craft Fair market Go Bag: Supply list on Member Services  


 Evanston Made Member Photographers who photograph art:

Jordan Scott, jordandscott@sbcglobal.net 

Ren Freeman, ren@ren.studio 

Yancey Hughes, yancey28@gmail.com





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