Fall Studio Tour 2019 Participants

Plan your studio tour by checking out some of the artists that will have studios open on Oct. 5 or 6 or both days!

Go to our interactive map to see where everyone is and plan your visits.

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Artists registered for Fall Studio Tour:

Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler
9229 Central Park Ave.

Elizabeth Perlman
Midwest Clay Guild
1601 Payne St.

Carol Hammerman
1119 Hinman
Saturday & Sunday

Wendy Scofield
Midwest Clay Guild
1601 Payne St. Suite B

Julianne Litzkow
507 Sherman Ave - Basement
Saturday & Sunday

Jill Birschbach
Midwest Clay Guild
1601 Payne St.

Angela Williams
Angela Williams :: art + design
1099 Fowler
Saturday & Sunday

Amy O Woodbury
Dance Center Evanston
1934 Dempster Street

Jane Carney
708 Church Street #255

David Gista
Noyes Cultural Arts Center
927 Noyes street
Saturday & Sunday

Nina Weiss
2113 Greenleaf St Unit #9

Craig Jobson
1726 Ashland Ave.
Saturday & Sunday

Joyce Elias
1210 Sherman Avenue
Saturday & Sunday

Juliane von Kunhardt
Noyes Cultural Art Center, room 217
927 Noyes Street

Beth Adler
Alice George

Adler George Studio
1125 Florence
Saturday & Sunday

Kristen Neveu
Secret Treasures
605 Dempster St.
Saturday & Sunday

Ayla Pizzo
Ayla's Originals
1511 Sherman Ave.

Mel Winer
2948 central

Sarah Kaiser-Amarel
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Studio 215
927 Noyes St.

Judith Lewin
Mill Creek Miniatures
1127 Florence Ave

Aydin Dincer
Prairie Joe's Point Gallery
1921 Central St.

Raissa Bailey
Open Studio Project
903 Sherman Avenue

Lea Basile-Lazarus
1209 Maple Ave.

Sarita Kamat
1627 Sherman Avenue

Liz Cramer
Ron Cramer
Jeanne LaCasse
Ted Glasoe
2013 Livingston
Saturday & Sunday

Jamie Thome
1408 Seward

Darren Oberto
1712 Sherman Ave. #2

Gillian Muller-Greyz
1423 Hinman Avenue

Joanna Kramer
Ware Studio
1040 Wesley Ave.

Janet Webber
Socorro Mucino
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Studio 220
927 Noyes St.
Saturday & Sunday

Adriana Poterash
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Studio 214
927 Noyes St.
Saturday 2-4